Giorgio Armani Eau D’ Aromes Cologne For Men Review

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • 80%

  • Smell
    Editor: 92%
  • Lastability
    Editor: 97%
  • Womens Opinion
    Editor: 94%
  • Uniqueness
    Editor: 93%

In this article we’ll be looking at my review of the Giorgio Armani Eau D’ Aromes mens cologne fragrance.

Most of the fragrances for men have that really strong scent which can be over the top.

And if you are like me who prefers a much more relaxed kind of fragrance, it can be quite challenging to choose.

After all, most men would really prefer that kind of scent that exudes masculinity, strength and virility. But when it comes to finding that choice of scent, everyone greatly varies.

Luckily, I came across the Armani Eau D’ Aromes Eau de Toilette Spray which I find perfectly suitable to my taste.

It is not the best scent I have tried so far but there’s something about this fragrance that draws me to it. So what do I think about this cologne?

Pros And Cons Of Giorgio Armani Eau D’ Aromes Mens Cologne


  • Created By One Of The World’s Most Popular Brand So You Can Only Expect A High Quality Signature Cologne
  • Combines A Unique Set Of Ingredients Giving You That Relaxing Scent That Is Not Too Overpowering Compared To Other Fragrances
  • Can Last For Several Hours So Even A Few Sprays Of The Cologne Go A Long Way
  • Perfect To Wear For Daytime And Even For Nighttime Use Which Makes It A Versatile Cologne
  • It Draws Compliments With Its Lightly Spicy And Woody Scent


  • None

Product Description

Armani Eau D’ Aromes Eau de Toilette Spray is the perfect representation of the brand: elegance and simplicity.

The very symbol of Armani, this cologne has that really simple yet very appealing scent. It gives you that woody and spicy scent that is relaxing.

The top notes for this scent is ginger while the spicy notes come chili pepper which is used as the middle note. Finally, it gives you that woody scent with amber as a base note.

Composition: As the fragrance opens up, I could already smell its very elegant fragrance, something I think everyone would like. It is not too strong it gives you that really striking scent.

A perfect semblance of the Armani brand, this cologne portrays the modern gentleman- simple yet very sophisticated. Its spicy and woody scent smells great. At first, I was skeptical knowing that I don’t like the smell of ginger.

And with this component being used as the top note, I was like what? But when I finally get to try it for myself, it’s interesting how the perfumers were able to pull it off.

The scent itself is very relaxed and I like the base notes for amber.

Best Use: The Armani Eau D’ Aromes Eau de Toilette Spray is perfect for daytime and night use.

This is the kind of fragrance that you can wear anytime of the day without having to worry as to whether other people will appreciate the scent.

It is not too strong so even when you are at work or you will be attending a casual event at night, this is a good scent to wear.

The only downside is if you are going to a formal event in the evening and you want something more unique and has a stronger scent,this may be not the best choice for you. Then again, this is just my view.

Longevity: In terms of longevity, the Armani Eau D’ Aromes Eau de Toilette Spray is very reliable. This is the type of scent that once you wear it, the scent stays for a long time.

You do not necessarily have to re-apply or to put on a lot since a few sprays can already go a long distance. I tried putting some cologne during busy days and I was surprised how it stayed up until the night.


After personally trying this cologne, will I still repurchase? Yes, I will still buy it although it is not necessarily the best cologne I have ever had.

But what I really like about the Armani Eau D’ Aromes Eau de Toilette Spray is that it has this spicy, woody and striking scent that I prefer over other types of scent.

Plus it is not your usual strong fragrance for men. If you are into a more soothing and relaxed fragrance notes, this particular cologne might just be the best choice for you.

It has long lasting fragrance and you only need a few sprays.