Guilty By Gucci Cologne For Men Review

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 5 stars
  • 100%

  • Smell
    Editor: 95%
  • Lastability
    Editor: 100%
  • Womens Opinion
    Editor: 100%
  • Uniqueness
    Editor: 90%

Inside todays article I will be doing a review of the Guilty By Gucci men’s cologne in which I’ll layout the pros of this fragrance a long with giving answers to a lot of questions that many men find themselves wondering about before they purchase a new cologne.

A heads up before we start is that there is a women’s version by the exact same name ‘Guilty By Gucci’, so just be sure that is say’s “for men” on the name before purchasing. Here are some details about this cologne.


  • Fragrance Lasts A Good While
  • Women Give It A Big Thumbs Up
  • Not Overly Used/Popular
  • Non Overpowering Scent

The Guilty By Gucci Cologne For Men has gotten very popular in the somewhat short time frame of its official release in 2011.

This can be a downside for some men buying cologne because they don’t want to smell like every other guy in the crowd, they want to have their own scent per say. So even though it’s gotten it’s still not overly used to where I rarely run into someone who is wearing when I am, this is probably because in today’s time we have a really big selection of colognes to choose from and that number is only getting bigger.

Here is a little information about this cologne. It’s recommended for romantic wear,  it’s made in France & came out in 2011. Scents noticed in this cologne are; lavender, lemon, orange flower, cedar wood & patchouli.

What Does It Smell Like

Describing how colognes smell is never easy especially without something to compare it to but colognes are aiming to be as unique as possible in their scents these days which makes describing them very difficult but I will do my best here.

This cologne has a very slight sweetness type of smell to it, not enough to put this into a perfume type of sweetness but just enough to really give it a good smell to it. It has a noticeable scent of what I’m assuming is lavender, but like I mentioned this doesn’t equate to a feminine smell.

There a great balance to the sweetness side of this matched with enough manly ingredients to make it still noticeable that without a doubt this is a mans fragrance.

Do Women Like It

This question is one of the major factors when picking a cologne so I understand how important it is.

As you can tell by the scale at the very top of this article I have women’s opinion as one of the four main rating factors so I weigh what the ladies think very high on how I rank the colognes.

This cologne is recommended for romantic wear which basically so it better impress the ladies and it does just that.

Just don’t overdo it by putting to much on and you should get some bonus points for wearing this fragrance.

Where To Buy

You can also check around at local stores like Sephora or Macys. When I purchase this cologne I get it from the Amazon store, for convenience and pricing reasons.

There are a few other sites that sell this brand but I’ve never used them so just check out their reviews before rushing to place an order to make sure their not potentially selling counterfeits.