Gym Motivation: How To Get Motivated To Exercise With Music

One of the main ways to get motivated to go to exercise is getting pumped up through music. There is a reason most athletes listen to music before they play because playing music that gets you going releases dopamine which is the go-getter chemical for our brain.

Aside from the dopamine release music also has some other benefits that help with preventing a loss of motivation through a few different ways which I’ve went into below.

When you walk into a gym you’ll usually see a majority of people with their earbuds listening to music.

There are 3 main reasons for this.

1. Keeping the social butterflys at a distance from starting random conversations.
2. The music in the gym usually sucks unfortunately.
3. With the most important being the effect that music can have on a driving motivation for us.

Music Keeps People From Talking To You During Your Workout (Hopefully)

There are always those types of people who just love to chat and being in the gym you have very few places to run (trust me I’ve tried everything).
Having earbuds in will definitely deter people from starting starting conversations with you.

*Please note that this can be a double edged sword here. If you’re next to a good looking girl/guy that you hope to chat you up then earbuds are a huge barrier for this.

Gym Music Usually Sucks

I don’t know how many times I’ve walked into the gym and my mp3 died and the next bieber song came on in the gym and I just do a 180 and head back home. No offense bieber fans just an example.

Reasoning behind me leaving is because I know how much of a negative impact on my motivation level that music I dislike can have on my overall workout. So I usually decide to not have a crappy workout and just come back tomorrow with a fully charged mp3.

The Motivation Power That Music Provides

At last the most important tool that music provides is the sheer overall effect it has on our motivation. I like to think of music while lifting is similar to how war chants before a big battle got everyone pumped back in the day.

Despite the intimidation factor war chants meant to possess it supposedly provided a mental surge of readiness. This is the best way I can relate music effects for motivation.

Now there are tons of articles on a more detailed level of music and the brain on endorphin’s and such but I won’t go into that because I’m not knowledgeable enough in that field.

However I did find this website for you if you would like to dive deeper into that field. Here is the link for it.

Any Other Ways To Get Motivated?

If music isn’t doing the trick or maybe just not quite enough to get you to the gym then look into other options such as a pre workout supplement.

This + music is usually a great combo to not only get you to the gym but it usually gives you enough of a  boost to really push yourself to do more reps or shoot for more weight.

Overall though these are just simply tools to help you, if you’re dead set on making excuses not to go then there isn’t anything that will make you do it. It starts and ends with you but if you truly are teetering on the line then give these things a try and it may just be enough to push you in the right direction!

Thanks for reading hopefully this helped some of you out.