Heidi Somers Net Worth | Workout Routine | Supplements

Inside this post, we’re going to go over the net worth, workout routine, diet, clothing apparel & what supplements Heidi Somers uses, also known as Buff Bunny.

I do like to give a brief intro on these articles for who this is, just in case you found yourself to this article without searching for it.

Who Is Heidi Somers | Why Is She Famous

I use the term famous loosely here but maybe popular is a better word for it but either way her name recognition is growing every day.

Heidi Somers is a popular fitness Youtuber, who is also dating another popular Youtuber Christian Guzman, who we did this style of article for a few weeks ago.

What Workout Supplements Does Heidi Somers Take

What I like about the supplement stack of Heidi Somers is that not only has the supplements to help her workouts but also has a strong focus on overall health type supplements.

Most of us seem to forget this when all we want to do is build muscle or get that six pack showing, so I give a thumbs up to Heidi for focusing on a well-rounded supplement stack.

Disclaimer: This is not me telling you to take anything, consult with your Doctor if you have questions on what to take.

How Much Does Heidi Somers Make From Her YouTube Channel Videos

At the time of writing this Heidi Somers has almost 540k subscribers on her YouTube channel & that is estimated to make her around 75k per year.

She also owns her own clothing apparel called Buff Bunny, which we have no clue how much that’s make her.

She is also sponsored by a few companies as well.

With all of that thrown in, we estimated the net worth of Heidi Somers to be somewhere around 750k, at least for now.

She becoming more popular every day so it would no surprise to use to see the number grow every month.

Heidi Somers Workout Routine For: Butt (Glutes) | Arms (Triceps & Biceps)| Back | Shoulders | Legs | Abs

Butt Workout

Arms Workout

Back Workout

  • Warm-up Battle Ropes (if your gym doesn’t have these youtube “dumbbell battle ropes “)
  • Reverse cable crossover 3×12×14
  • Straight Arm pull down 3×10
  • Assisted pull ups 12-10-8-6
  • Single arm cable pull down 4×8
  • Back extentions 3 sets (10 weighted + 10-15 body weight)

Shoulders Workout

Legs Workout

Abs Workout

Heidi Somers Fitness Clothing Apparel

Like I mentioned above, Heidi Somers aka Buff Bunny has her own clothing apparel that you can find on her site.

At the time of writing this she just has women’s clothing & no accessory type items.

From a male perspective I think it has a good look to it.

Heidi Somers Diet Plan & Meal Prep

Heres a look at what Heidi Somers eats & also how she goes about doing meal preps.

The End Is Near…

I’ve tried to cover just as much as I can regarding Heidi Somers, if you want to keep more up to date with whats going on with her then make sure to follow on her YouTube channel which is where all of the videos above are from.

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