How Do Muscles Grow

I wanted to give some insight on how muscles actually grow bigger and become stronger with the actual process of how to gain muscle.

“I’ll just chug a protein shake” Well you’re not wrong here but this is only a tiny fraction of what it actually takes to grow those muscles.

To truly know how to gain muscle fast you have to provide everything the body needs to do this.

Let me break it down (yes pun)

Muscles have to have a reason to grow, we can’t just send brain signals to them asking them to grow.

When working out we’re putting strain on the muscles that causes them to break, yes I said break.

By this I’m not meaning like break your leg or tear you muscles meaning you have to go into surgery.

Muscles are programmed to do do this when they get so overloaded that they just can’t take anymore.

After having a successful workout and breaking those muscles fibers then they don’t want to have to go through that trouble or feeling ever again so they want to add more muscle fibers so that they can handle more pressure/workload in the future.

By adding more muscles fibers this is why muscles become bigger, because simply there is more of them.

Nurturing those broken muscles

Now after the muscles get broken down they need nutrients to allow them to get bigger and stronger. This is where that protein shake chugging comes in.

The protein is the refueling source for muscles and the broken muscles after a workout need them more than ever.

Think of the protein like medicine. Will we recover from a cold without getting some meds from a doctor?

Most likely but it may take much longer and we’ll be weaker for longer. Somewhat the same for muscles, will muscles recover without a protein source?

Yes, but having a high protein diet lets those muscles take in those nutrients and allows it to become stronger quicker.

Now we have broken muscles with protein in them, now what?

Well now the body has to tell those muscles it’s repair time and it needs to get to fixing them.

This happens when we go to sleep. Sleep is like a healing chamber, imagine it like one of those NASCAR pit stops where everyone runs out to the car and everyone starts working on the car to get it fixed as quick as possible.

I like to think of it like that, there are tons of little peeps inside of us entering NASCAR fix it mode when we get to sleep.

This is the overall process of how muscles grow.

I hope I was able to show why there is no one stage more important than the others. You truly have to have a well balanced life of these three to maximize muscle gaining potential.