Tips On How To Get Better At Playing League Of Legends | LoL

In this post, we’re going to be talking about how you can become a better League of Legends or LoL for short, player.

Some of these will be tips that you can take with you to pretty much any game and it will help your overall gameplay, while others will be specifically for League of Legends.

I only mention that because some of these might be like, “Duh, only a noob would play that way” but others might not have gotten there yet so this is a wide range of skill level type guide.


Memorize The Build Order For Items/Champions & Be Quick At Buying Them

When you back at your base it can be tempting to go through and look at all the cool stuff you want to get or can be frustrating as crap trying to find out where that item is you need.

All during the time you are ‘shopping’ you’re losing EXP and money to buy those items. Also leaving your lane down 1 person which can be all sorts of issues, I’ll go more into this later.

You have a few options here:

  1. Memorize your item set/order.
  2. Tab out to a guide on screen
  3. Use The League Of Legends Builder (Best Option!)

Here is a link to the LoL Builder, even though it is a paid option, It does wonders if you’re serious about getting better.

Learn To Use Key Binds Instead Of Mouse Clicks

Key binding is the process where you press down on a key on your keyboard to activate a skill rather than using your mouse to hover over that skill and click it.

For those who have been used to playing computer games, especially online ones then you’re probably already doing this but if not this is a major improvement step that you will almost defiantly need to implement if you ever want to get better.

This is a skill you will use on pretty much any PC game.

Focus On Learning One Or Two Champions

When I say learning I don’t mean just learning their skills but actually learning their pros cons, where they should be at in team fights, what champions they counter or are countered by & so on.

These are things that you learn just by playing with the champions a lot until a lot of it becomes muscle memory.

I realize this is harder doing this in an MOBA style game rather than an mmo because you have different types of style of games where you may not get the same role or someone might pick your champion first.

This is why I would try to focus on at least learning 3 champions very well.

Tip: If you find yourself getting bored of playing the same character, try buying a new skin. This can help reinvigorate (think I used that word right) your mood on playing that character, plus look badass.

Watch Skilled League Of Legend Streamers

If you’re ever on Twitch, you’ll notice that LoL is one of the most watched games for streamers/viewers.

A lot of this is because players who are trying to figure out what they need to do to get better are trying to see how the elite gamers do it.

I’ve learned plenty of tips that I would have never thought of when I started, just by watching streams, like flashing through a wall for example ( a long time ago).

Heck if you find some cool streamers they may even play some games with you & give you advice on what you can do better.

I still do this when waiting for a game to load mostly.

Pick A Champion/Role That Suits Your Playstyle

Great players can usually play any role and get good at it.

Some people like myself tend to have a type of playstyle that’s hard to break a habit.

For example, I have the habit of wanting to charge in putting pressure on enemy players.

This is a natural trait for me in life, not just video games, which makes it hard to resist.

With that being said, a champion that would work best for me would be something like a Garen or Rammus rather than an Annie for example.

After realizing Annie didn’t fair to well charging in first in team fights, I realized she wasn’t the character for me =/

I realize this isn’t always an option like I mentioned above but if you can try to pick champions that fit your play style.

Don’t Neglect Your Masteries/Runes Setup

Something I see far too often and did it myself was devalued the importance of my masteries/rune setup.

The reason for this is usually because the stat boost/benefits seem so minimal numbers wise that most people don’t really think it adds much benefit overall or their just lazy.

If you come from playing World of Warcraft, where the talents points made a HUGE difference in your overall character then seeing the benefits of LoL masteries you may do exactly as I did of just throwing points wherever.

A little goes a long way, especially in the early part of the game.

Use Your Pings! Aka Communicate With Your Team

If you’ve ever seen someone pinging your mini-map, this is usually them giving you a heads up the enemy player in that lane is missing.

This means they could be trying to set up a gank so be aware.

You don’t need to do this if you’re in voice chat of course but the pings are a must if you’re not.

To go along with this, try to update your team on other things, like you’re going back to base or if you need help.

I’ve never seen anyone gets fussed at for over communicating but not communicating at all will cause you to be the result of some major keyboard rage.

Earning & Managing Your Gold

Your items play a huge part in your champion, but there may be times when going for wards will benefit your & your team then rushing to get an increase in dmg.

With that being said, it takes a certain level of practice/skill to effectively gain gold.

Getting the last hit on creeps can be harder than you think, especially when you have a good player across from you poking you down in health.

All Will Be Revealed (Map Vision)

I mentioned earlier about using pings for heads up and just above saying something about buying wards.

Far too often there tends to be a team where no one wants to waste their gold on wards and you have zero ideas what’s going on through the jungle.

This can make you play timid because you have no idea what’s where, and this little bit can throw off your game bigly.

I don’t care if it’s something like using Teemos shrooms, something is better than nothing when it comes to having some sort of an idea where enemies may be.

This goes hand in hand with map pinging.

The End…For Now

This seems like a good spot to put an end to this article for now.

There is still so much more to go into like; kiting, poking, team battles & tons of other stuff that I hope to be able to add into this article.

For now, I hope this article was enough to help give you some sort of insight to becoming a better LoL player.