How To Find A Workout Partner To Hit The Gym With You

Starting to hit the gym 3-4 times a week can already seem like an overwhelming task, especially for those who really aren’t doing anything really in the way of fitness activities currently.

Usually once someone gets started, they hit this period where their motivation tanks, this is not uncommon and one of the first things most people plan to do is find a workout partner.

This can be for making the workout not seem as boring, help hold them accountable for making sure they actually get their workout done or even help them not be as intimidated by the gym (more common than you think).

None of these reasons are wrong, but what most people don’t realize is how hard it is to actually find a workout partner.

I’ll be covering some tips on helping you find a workout partner & also things to look for that may help you avoid picking a bad one.

Where To Start…

Your first choice is obviously going to be your close friends or family. This is an obvious choice and tends to be the winner for most people.

However, this becomes increasingly difficult as you get older with different schedules and commitments (kids). If you don’t have any luck here, then look to branching out.

his could be something like a coworker or maybe one of your friends, friends.

Sometimes if a friend you ask can’t meet you at a certain time/place, then there is a chance that other friends asked as well, this friend can be the middleman for telling each of you that so/so is also looking for a workout partner.

Don’t Worry About Being The Third Wheel

If you know of someone that you think would make for a good workout partner but don’t want to ask because they already hit the gym with somebody, then don’t worry because you can have a group for a workout partner. It is very common to see groups of three people working out together.

The only issue, in my opinion, is when you start seeing a group of 4+ people together because that starts making your rest period become too long while you wait for others to finish their set.

You don’t see more than 3 too often, if you do they’re usually either split up on different machines. So yes, a group of 3 for a workout partner is perfectly fine and not uncommon.

Try To Find A Partner In Your Same Stage Of Lifting (Beginner, Advanced)

Usually, people tend to want to lift with people similar to where they are in terms of strength. This is because they don’t want to have to take off then reload the weights between each set.

If you happen to find someone further along, then you in terms of fitness knowledge and is wanting to be your workout partner, then that’s even better!

This way, you pretty much get a personal trainer type of gym sessions without having to pay for it.

A good exception to show this isn’t an exact set in stone type of rule to go by is if you come across someone who has a different lifting style than you but might seem like he/she would be a good workout partner.

For example, you might have person A who is extremely knowledgeable in lifting but does a lot of high reps low weight types exercises vs person B who lifts heavy low reps.

In most cases this would seem like a bad match for being workout partners but it can also provide a good way to switch things up and expand your fitness knowledge.

Hire A Trainer

A big reason that people try to get a workout partner besides the extra push to get things done, is that maybe you two (or three) can help each other figure what machine does what.

So if you’re worried to go to the gym alone because you don’t know what to do, then look into getting a personal trainer if your finances allow it. This works great because trainers are usually great motivators, knowledgeable, and you get to set the time schedule.

Most gyms nowadays, usually have trainers who work for them or can connect you with someone, so finding a trainer is probably easier now than ever.

I used a trainer when I first started because I was working night shift and couldn’t find anyone to work out with me, and I didn’t really have a clue of what I was doing. I took a ton of knowledge with me from those sessions and some pretty decent gains!

Don’t Wait For A Partner To Get Started

Something I see happen a lot is that people start looking for a workout partner and won’t start hitting the gym until they have got someone.

You’re just wasting time here because it could take months for you to find a workout partner so don’t lose that valuable time to just get started!

If you’re worried about not lifting weights correctly or doing something wrong, then at least get into the gym and do some cardio.

Then you can slowly start to ease yourself into certain types of lifts that you feel comfortable with.

Tip: Watch someone being trained in the gym to get an idea of what equipment does what, I’ve learned a lot this way.

Another great benefit of just starting is that you may find a workout partner at the gym. I’ve found a few of my workout partners just by us being at the gym at the same time, then eventually just started working out together.

In Conclusion

Having a workout partner can be great but don’t rely on them to be your sole source of motivation or training knowledge.

There are countless free guides and workout’s plans on the Internet that you can download or heck evens apps for your phone that can help guide you through a workout.

Also, make sure to be strict when selecting a workout partner because someone may be more of a hindrance than a help.

Or heck they might just be annoying as all get out and you start trying to find ways to not go to the gym, just to avoid your workout partner.

So a workout partner can definitely be a double-edged sword but luckily for myself, I’ve had a good ratio of good to bad work out partners.

I hope this article has helped you get some sort of an idea on workout partners in general, and hopefully you’re able to find a good one to knock your workouts out with.