How To Get Rid Of Or Control A Cowlick In Your Hair

You know those strands of hair that always stand in your way while trying to fix your hair? That stubborn unruly clump of hair that stands up as if they’re the boss of your life.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this journey fighting and struggling just to try and put every effort to make the unruly clump unite with the rest of your hair.

These strands of hair are known to be called cowlicks.

Everyone has their own tricks and tips for how to manage their cowlicks but some tricks work much better than others.

Cowlicks are commonly form at the top of the head, but some people has them in the back or their neckline or it can be in front where the hair parts.

Fun fact that scientists have claimed that the direction which the cowlick may turn may be related to our hand dominance. So imagine if you’re right-handed which we mostly are, expect that your cowlick will be in a clockwise rotation.

Can You Get Rid Of Cowlicks Permanently?

Unfortunately no, however in the times we live in we have plenty of options to help combat cowlicks with hair products and items.

Here are some of the easy tips and tricks how to keep your cowlick behaving the right way it should be.

One of the most convenient way to tame your cowlicks is to grow your hair longer, it’s known that cowlicks are much more noticeable for people who have short hair.

If you have really straight hair, cowlicks can be more prominent and noticeable for you.

For people who want to maintain their short straight hair, you can try and use a variety of hair-care products that is available in the market to help you tame your cowlicks. Products like mousse, gel or pomade then combing your hair in the direction a cowlick’s swirl can help and make cowlicks less noticeable.

The few things that I have mentioned might or might not work for you. If that’s the problem, let’s see If the following can help you to fix the cowlick problem. The list will be for people who spend tedious amounts of time on their hair or they just really want perfect and polished hair.

1.) Try To Blow Dry Your Hair Right Away.

Don’t wait for your hair to start drying naturally or else it’ll want to stay how naturally the hair sits which is for you will be forming a cowlick. So make sure that you start blowing out your hair whichever direction you would want it to go.

2.) Prep Your Hair Properly Before Styling It.

Make sure to give extra time to your cowlicks before you start styling it. This step is crucial and people tend to forget that a prepped hair is a good foundation for styling hair.

This can help make your strands more cooperative and allows you to maintain the shape of the hair that you’re attempting to make.

3.) Use A Brush That Gives You A Good Amount Of Tension.

You have to keep in mind when buying a brush to get one that can grip every piece of your hair and can smooth it all out in the same direction that you’re going.

4.) Consider Getting A New Hairstyle.

If you’re not up for the time consuming styling with your cowlick, why not go for a new hair style?

I have a major cowlick in my front bangs so I went with a hairstyle that looks like my cowlick is actually just how I try to style my hair.

5.) Why Not Wear A Hat?

When I say wear a hat I don’t necessarily mean having to wear it all day.

When you first get out of the shower try putting something on your head such as a hat or a beanie to force your cowlick in the direction you want it to go and it should stay that way at least for awhile.