How To Prevent | Remove Deodorant Streaks From Clothes

How do you go about preventing or removing deodorant streaks from your clothes? Here are some tips to go by.

Wearing deodorant is very important to avoid sweating and having bad body odor.

But when it gets really hot and humid, sometimes you may experience your clothes getting stained by using your deodorant.

The good news is that there are different ways for you to prevent future stains.

And we’ve listed down some of the most effective and simple tips that you can follow to avoid experiencing this kind of problem.

If ever you experience this problem, there are easy solutions that you can do to remove the stains off your clothes.

Choose A Good Deodorant

The very first thing you should do to prevent future deodorant stain is to find a good and reliable deodorant.

Most of the brands that you find in the market today make use of certain ingredients that are harmful in skin and at the same time can stay in the clothes.

Instead of buying deodorants that contain strong chemicals, it is strongly recommended that you weigh your options and have a closer look the different ingredients used.

Most people prefer to use deodorants that have natural ingredients as they are safe and gentle on the skin.

These kinds of deodorants are also safe for clothes.

Just before you finally decided to buy a product, it helps to read reviews and get to know about the ingredient’s list.

Most products will claim that they are all safe and will not cause stains. So make sure that you read reviews.

Do Not Put On More Than Is Needed

One of the common mistakes that most people do whenever they apply any product is that they put on too much.

Over application can result to streaks which can stain your clothes. To avoid this problem, just apply a thin layer. Do this before you put on your clothes.

You may also want to blot to avoid excess application.

Before putting on your clothes, wait for 30 seconds after you apply deodorant.

If you are using a spray, hold the product 6 in. away from your armpit.

Wash Your Clothes After Wearing

What happens when deodorants stay long on fabric, it can weaken or even tear it.

Most products contain chemicals and even aluminum chloride that can damage clothes.

After wearing your garments, it is strongly recommended that you wash your clothes right away.

This is the most effective way for you to prevent chemical damage on your clothes.

Check The Product Label

When you use roll-on, there is a higher chance that it may cause streaks.

That is why it is strongly recommended that you use gels, sprays, and products that have invisible formulations.

Make sure that you take the time to check the product label so you know what product you are buying.

Do not buy products that contain alcohol and aluminum. These are the deodorants that can cause more stains.

If you want to use a scented deodorant, check if the product does not have any alcohol.

Wear A Thin Undershirt

Men tend to sweat more compare to women. To prevent stains, it helps to wear an undershirt for men instead of just putting on your shirt.

This is a very effective way for you to prevent your clothes from getting stained.

It helps especially if you are wearing an expensive shirt. You wouldn’t want to

Use A Deodorant Streak Shield

If you don’t want to experience the hassle of having to deal with deodorant streaks and remove it, you can actually use a deodorant streak shield.

It works as a temporary garment that you have to wear to prevent staining. It covers the armpits as you get dressed.

You may have to spend more in buying a streak shield but it is quite effective.

Tips For Removing Deodorant Stains

Streaks are something that you cannot prevent. In case it happens, there are ways to remove deodorant stains. Here are some of the easy to follow steps that can help you remove deodorant stains.

  • Use baby wipes. If you are outside, you can just take baby wipes and clean the marks off the clothing. It is perfect not just for removing dirt from babies but also for adults.
  • The best solution to remove those white streaks is to use a damp washcloth. By using a damp cloth, it makes the cleaning a whole lot easier. Just remove your clothes and start cleaning the specific area.
  • Remove stains using makeup remover. Yes, you can definitely use this product to remove streaks. Women use makeup remover to gently remove all of the facial and makeup products that they apply on their face. With a makeup remover, you can effectively remove the deodorant streaks.
  • Another easy home remedy that you can use to remove the stain is to make a paste out of water and baking soda. These are easily found at home and by just combining the two, you get to make a paste that you can apply into the stain and just leave it there for about an hour. After that, you wash the paste using cold water then put your shirt in the washing machine.

Having streaks on your clothes especially when you are outside is definitely not a good thing.

It gets more frustrating when you are outdoors.

But the good news is that it is a problem that you can solve. By following the tips, you can now avoid deodorant streaks.

If you have streaks on your clothes, there are quick solutions that you can do.