LGD-4033 Ligandrol SARM Review | Where To Buy | Benefits 2020

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A look at our review of the SARM Ligandrol LGD-4033 is a non-steroidal SARM, which has shown to produce secondary ergogenic effects in the human body.

Ligandrol produces steroid-like effects, but it is not a steroid and therefore, cannot be considered a replacement for the synthetic male hormone, testosterone, and other steroidal substances used for hormone-replacement and other associated medical therapies.

Disclaimer: We are not recommending taking this product, yet simply reviewing the product based on our research. LGD-4033 Ligandrol is sold for research purposes only & is not approved for human use or consumption! Please do your own research before making any decisions related to LGD-4033 Ligandrol.

Where To Buy LGD-4033 Ligandrol

ProvenPeptides is a reputable provider of SARMs & does have LGD-4033 Ligandrol available for purchase. 

Classification and mode of action

Ligandrol is classified as a ligand androgen receptor, which makes it influence certain metabolic processes in the body. It is also tissue-specific, meaning it only serves to active gene expressions in select tissue types.

Ligandrol has been shown to be promising in four main areas of tissue regeneration: muscle wasting, age-related muscle reduction (due to inactivity, poor nutrition, poor nutrient uptake or general slowdown in muscle tissue production), bone regeneration and protection (as a result of osteoporosis or the degeneration of bones), and finally, cancer.

Ligandrol was first developed by Viking Therapeutics, with the initial goal of coming up with a therapeutic compound that provided the healing properties of the more well-known male hormone minus the established side effects, such as testicular masses, testicular shrinkage, liver cysts, abnormal breast growth in males, etc. Ligandrol is administered orally.

To date, Ligandrol is considered the most potent of all SARMs available for research, and remains a promising therapy for tissue degeneration.

Track record

Let’s talk about why SARMs like Ligandrol have a better track record than the synthetic male hormone, testosterone. SARMs function in almost the same way as testosterone, but the key difference is that SARMs like Ligandrol are almost always tissue-specific.

This simply means that once ingested, Ligandron will not be affecting tissues of other organs like the skin, testes, etc.

These areas are often ‘hit’ by testosterone and other steroids, increasing the likelihood of serious health conditions down the road.

From a broader perspective, SARMs counterbalance the risks associated with hormone therapies to provide increased benefits to users or patients while whittling down known side effects.

Ligandrol has been subjected to a Phase 1 medical trial to better understand its mechanisms of action and benefits to the human body. Existing literature points at mostly positive effects when used alone or in conjunction with other SARMs.

Due to its exclusive effect on the muscles and bones, many scientific researchers have alluded to its potential as an aid in athletics, specifically in muscle gain and better treatment of sports-related injuries.

Benefits/Effects of Ligandrol

In contrast with prohormones and the synthetic male hormone, patients will not experience any massive increases in weight.

And while it’s normal for a patient undergoing male hormone therapy to experience weight gains of up to 20 pounds, a Ligandrol user will only experience an average weight gain of less than or equal to two pounds for every week of regular use.

In professional bodybuilding, a week may refer to what is called a ‘cycle,’ or the process of reducing body fat while working intensely on specific muscle groups to increase the volume of musculature. It was observed that patients on a 21-day cycle with Ligandrol experienced the highest observable changes in the volume of lean muscle tissue.

Would it be possible to gain more than the average poundage per week? Yes, but only if the patient put in the necessary training and diet to achieve this end.

Otherwise, the average weight gain will be maintained. On the upside, all weight gains are attributed to lean muscle growth; water weight or bloating are not typical results of using Ligandrol for any specific therapies.

Patients using this drug are also advised to maintain a high calorie and high protein diet to sustain the benefits of using this SARM.

LGD-4033 Ligandrol Increased Muscle Strength

Parallel to lean muscle development is a palpable increase in muscle strength. It is believed that the enhancement of muscle strength precedes lean muscle development, as increased muscle strength leads to better chances of developing more muscle volume.

This emphasizes the need for the patient or user to train the muscles, in order to build the desired mass.

– It also appears that Ligandrol may be sufficient as complementary therapy for individuals who wish to shed fat tissue through exercise. Normally the body can shed fat when it needs energy; SARMs like Ligandrol only serve to enhance this natural function of the body.

When the body switches from sugar/glucose to fat during physical activity, the body is deemed catabolic. This catabolic reaction is much sought after in professional bodybuilding and sports, as shedding fat is important for maintaining weight or a muscular physique.

On a more practical level, catabolic energy expenditure obviously helps people maintain their weight, as excess energy is stored as adipose tissue.

The keyword here is optimize. Ligandrol is not magical therapy. It only serves to optimize what are already natural processes in the body.

But since metabolism is largely tricky to control, it’s easy to understand why people would be interested in Ligandrol as a possible alternative in hormone therapy, should their physicians require them to undergo such a kind of treatment.

Bone density and strength

Now, in addition to addressing issues with lean muscle tissue development, the Phase 1 study performed on this drug has shown that it also activates periosteal bone development. PBD is vital for maintenance of strong bones and pliable joints.

Again, from a more practical point of view, better joint and bone health translates to enhanced physical performance, no matter what a person is currently engaged in, fitness-wise. What’s interesting here is that bone development is also dependent on muscular strength and health.

Why? Because the more a patient exercises, the more the bones are activated to develop strong tissues, to withstand the current influx of physical activities.

So the body really does to toughen itself up. SARMs like Ligandrol may boost the regenerative functions of selective tissues, to ensure that a person’s physiology is well-equipped to handle the current levels of physical stress.

Yes, exercise and all other forms of physical training are considered stress. But unlike emotional stress, physical stress in the form of exercise might be good for the body.

This is one of the SARMs in our series of reviews.

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