How To Make Money With G2A Goldmine Tips 2019

Let’s go over how to make money with G2A Goldmine, an affiliate program for

This is a commercial gaming platform where people can buy digital games more cheaply than they would if they purchased from other sales platforms like Steam, directly.

What is an affiliate program?

If you want to make money from G2A Goldmine, you have to understand the basics of affiliate marketing, first.

Affiliate marketing is promoting another person (or company’s) goods and services so that when a purchase is made, a portion of the money is paid out to you.

Affiliate marketing systems usually give marketers a limited period to gain a sale and subsequently, profit, from a referral. This period is usually just 24 hours.

So if your website refers a potential customer to another website that is offering affiliate profit, then that referral would have to purchase something within 24 hours in order for you to qualify for a percentage of the sale.

This has been the usual system for a decade on the Internet.

But as always, there are innovators and those who change the dynamic of the market.. The G2A Goldmine falls into the latter.

We’ll talk about why the G2A Goldmine is different from all the other affiliate marketing systems available for the gaming community.

Just so there is no confusion with the terms, let’s study them quickly:

G2A is the commercial games distributor where people can buy games more cheaply.

G2A Goldmine is the affiliate program of G2A. If you refer someone to the G2A website as an affiliate and that person buys something, you qualify for a commission.

Commission is the percentage of a sale offered to an affiliate who succeed in referring customers to the G2A website who actually buy stuff there.

When you refer someone directly to G2A with your reflink or the affiliate link that is unique only to you, then you earn 100% of the stated amount for affiliates for the product that your direct referral purchases.

But wait – what if your referral creates his own reflink and succeeds in convincing someone to buy from G2A, too?

You still earn cash from that transaction!

To simplify, your direct referral will enter a Level One relation with you and therefore you get the full commission.

Your referral’s referral on the other hand, will enter a Level Two relation and you are entitled to 60% of the commission indicated on the game’s sales page.

The money doesn’t stop there, either! If your Level 2 referral creates his own reflink and manages to generate a sale, you are still eligible to receive 40% of the stated commission.

It’s easy to imagine how you can easily amplify your network of sales using the G2A Goldmine system if you think about your referrals a ‘teams.’

Your direct referrals (Level One relation) will be your Team A while your Level Two relations will be your Team B. Both levels will generate cash for you by simply encouraging more people to buy games from the GTA website.

All of this is possible because of the wondrous technology of cookies! Wait, these are not what you think they are if you imagined something crunchy.

Cookies are actually bits of data that websites store on people’s computers. This is how the G2A Goldmine system keeps track of all your earnings by tracing the cookie found in people’s systems when they visit the G2A website.

It’s really easy to sign up for the G2A Goldmine system – click here to go to their website.

Once you’re inside, all that is left to do is to register so you can get your unique reflink and you’re ready to start promoting games and game bundle from G2A!

Think euros

Earning commissions in US dollars is great, right? But you know what’s slightly better? Earning EUROS! That’s right! The G2A Goldmine pays out its affiliates with euros.

As of this writing one euro is equal to $1.5 dollars. It’s not much if you’re only looking at a handful of successful referrals but hey – that’s why we encourage everyone to create bigger teams.

Earning profits on autopilot is the dream business on the Internet. There are so many weird, ‘get rich quick’ schemes out there that it’s easy to get disheartened.

This is not the case with the G2A Goldmine. It’s a very straightforward system and everything’s transparent.

There are no fixed commissions because every game/game package (collection of games) has its own commission rate.

On the bright side, if you garner enough sales per day, you will have monthly earnings totaling hundreds or even thousands of euros – for doing virtually nothing!

Virtually nothing – yes you read that right. We say this because once your teams are in place and they flourish, you get a cut of the commissions further down the line.

There is a huge chance that there will be an exponential increase in your earnings over time, as long as you mind your teams and you keep promoting G2A (using your reflink, of course) to avid gamers who like buying new titles frequently and also regularly interact with the gamers.

The Best Practices in Earning with the G2A Goldmine System

So you have a G2A Goldmine account up and running and you can’t wait to start earning commissions. We get you! We totally understand your excitement.

However, if you want to really start earning as an affiliate marketers, you need to start building your audience first. Not everyone that you will interact with will buy something from G2A.

Not everyone is interested. That’s why you have to fan out, increase your exposure in the community to increase your chances of convincing others to buy at G2A using your reflink.

Here are some of the best ways to do it:

1. Be an Expert – Say you’ve been playing a certain game for a long time and your passion for it is just above the horizon. Why not create your own website and start publishing game reviews and tips?

You can write the material on your own, take screenshots of your game while you’re playing and provide solutions to problems or challengers that your fellow gamers face in-game.

We’ve personally seen a ton of successful gaming ‘microsites’ with growing followings and people genuinely love well-made content that provides solutions.

On the Web, you don’t have to be a big shot gamer to start gaining an audience. That’s not how the market works. People are going to listen to you if you have something of value to offer them.

Keep this firmly in mind when you are starting your own gaming website and your commissions will soar because once you’ve established that you are a credible source, people will want to reciprocate that by helping monetize your website.

2. Start Your Network NOW – Every vast network on this planet began with just two individuals connecting to each other however way.

This is why we highly encourage you to reach out to the people closest to you and to fellow gamers that you already know. Tell them about the G2A Goldmine; how it works and tell them, you’d like them to be part of your team.

A team of five people is better than none – it is that simple. Start small and just focus on interacting with others with a similar interests and your profit-making network will grow steadily.

3. Publish Videos Online – We all know that the gaming community is also an avid video-watching community.

The YouTube and Twitch platforms have become synonymous with gaming because there are now so many videos tackling a nearly innumerable number of games. Should you throw your own 2 cents into this simmering cauldron of gaming excitement? YES.

While it’s true that there are established gaming channels with lots of subscribers, remember that these channels also started out small with only a handful of subs per channel.

If you are serious about earning money with the G2A Goldmine system then posting a video with interesting content will definitely get people’s attention. If you continue giving relevant videos to a niche or slice of the market

4. Hit Those Forums Hard – Everyone’s been to a gaming forum one time or another. And we’re not just talking about gaming forums on Steam or Blizzard. The Internet is a vast place for gamers.

Gamers will find smaller forums where they would be comfortable in. Find these forums and start talking to people. Make new friends! Research and answer people’s questions. Add people as contacts. Place your reflink on your bio and recommend games to people. It’s really that simple.

But beware – people do not like being SPAMMED. Spamming is sending people messages or posting overly commercial stuff on forums where people are talking about other things in general.

So you have to be careful with how you promote your reflink to other people.

If they sense that you’re just there to promote, you will likely be ignored. Worse, they even report you for spamming!

Just remember our basic formula: content + value = referrals!