How To Make Money Boosting Accounts In LoL 2020

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A way to earn some side income is by boosting other peoples accounts in league of legends, so how do you go about doing this?

League of Legends has millions of players globally, and the market for elo boosting is huge. If you are a LoL player and have a lot of time on your hands, you could definitely star making money boosting accounts in LoL.

What is elo boosting?

You may have come across the term in message boards or in chats while playing LoL yourself. “I’m massively boosted!” Elo boosting happens when a higher-level player signs in to a lower-level account and helps that account achieve better ranking.

The act is called an “elo boost” and the account is called “elo boosted.” LoL players sometimes have “smurf accounts” just so they can help boost other players’ stats for free.

But then again, there are dedicated LoL players who, for one reason or another, are unable to dedicate sufficient time to rank their characters up in LoL.

These are your potential customers: people who want to rank well, but don’t have time to play more. You will charge them for playing their accounts.

Professional players of different levels or degrees can offer elo boosting services, for monetary compensation. Some of the things that you should think about if you want to get into boosting LoL accounts are:

– Your skill level in LoL. How well do you play the game and can you really help lower-ranking players achieve higher divisions?

– Time needed to rank up. Professional elo boosting services usually have a turn-around time of just one day per division. Can you match this, or provide even better services?

– Your free time. It’s important to figure in your free time into the equation. Boosting accounts will eat up hours at a time, and you should only try LoL boosting if you don’t have anything else to do throughout the day. There are professionals who spend most of their days boosting accounts and they can earn a decent amount of money on a monthly basis. Are you mentally and physically prepared to go overdrive to make other people’s LoL accounts better?

What is the code of honor of elo boosting?

Professional boosters follow a strict code of conduct designed to protect the reputation and status of the account being boosted. Among the most important rules are:

– Speed of delivery. Like we mentioned earlier, you should be able to rank up the account given to you for boosting at least one division every 24 hours. This is the bare minimum, all things considered.

– Zero interaction during game play. When an LoL account is being boosted, the booster should never interact with any person from the boosted account’s friend list.

The friend list is considered a no-go zone, and this will also reduce the chances of being found out. Reputation-wise, boosted accounts are 50-50 in the LoL community.

Some boosted accounts get positive rep, while many use the term “boosted account” in a derogatory manner. This may be due to some inexperienced boosters performing badly during rank matches.

– Absolutely no flaming. While flaming is extremely common in the LoL community, that doesn’t mean the booster has the right to flame anyone using the client’s account.

Player honor is huge, and is a primary requirement for professional boosting teams on the Web. Simply put, if a booster can’t keep himself from flaming other players, he has no chance of staying a professional booster because this is not what boosting is about in the first place.

– Rank is important. Many boosters have at least Diamond 1 rank before they proceed to boosting other accounts. This is a mark of game proficiency, and is a huge assurance to the clients that they are being handled by someone who has been able to overcome the divisions. The higher your level, the more trustworthy you will appear to potential customers.

How can you improve your chances of being hired as an elo booster?

You should create a social media account that is dedicated to elo boosting. A dedicated website is fine too, as long as there is a social media component that will allow people to find you on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. The following can be used as marketing materials to promote your elo boosting services:

– Your turnaround time. How fast can you improve the rank of other players? Screenshots and timestamps are invaluable for providing proof.

– Testimonials from other players. LoL players don’t have to be listed as their player accounts. Get genuine testimonials from people you have boosted before and put them up on social media and your website.

– Your player credentials. Your league rank will encourage people to have their accounts boosted. Players know just how much effort is needed to reach Diamond 5 and above league, and this is your primary badge or credential to make people sign up for your services.

– Case studies. Simple case studies that describe your process and how fast you can get things done will definitely encourage customers to hit that chat button or give you a call. Every boosted account is another medal for your services, and it just makes perfect sense to record your experiences as an elo booster and show them off.

How will you get paid?

There’s a huge chance that you will eventually find people who will pay you for your services, so make sure that you sign up for different payment services so you can get paid. PayPal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrencies are a good idea.

Give your customers different payment methods so they will find your services convenient, and they usually gravitate to providers who have a lot of payment methods available.

Having a bank account to receive funds from Neteller, Transferwise, or PayPal isn’t a bad idea either, as some customers will be transferring funds from their bank accounts instead of EMV cards or credit cards.

But then again, before you get lost in the plethora of possible payment methods, be sure to follow our guidelines for making your marketing materials and put them up on your website first!

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