How To Get Over A Breakup As A Guy

A breakup is never easy for guys or girls and trying to figure out how to get over a breakup is the logical thought after realization of the break up starts to set in.

One thing that women do have going for them is they are usually great at consulting one another in situations such as this because women are more open about their feelings.

On the other hand for guys it’s much more difficult to talk about this stuff or look for advice because most men either pretend stuff like this doesn’t bother them or they simply offer a pat on the back as their remedy to the situation.

As a result guys have started looking to the internet to find different ways to be able to handle a break up while staying anonymous because of course no guy wants to show his feelings no matter how difficult the breakup may be.

That is a little background information on why I decided to write this article so now that we got that out of the way let’s start looking at some good ways for us men to get over breakups.

Get Rid Of All Reminders Of Her

This includes pictures, notes, gifts she got you, stuff that smells like her or anything else that you can think of.

I’m not necessarily say go out and burn this stuff but you need to at least get it out of your sight. Grab a box chunk all of this stuff in it and then throw it in your closest.

If you have any pictures on your phone or computer then save them to a USB drive and throw it into that box as well or delete them all together, which ever you feel is more appropriate.

Cut Off All Contact With Her

I see this way to often and I get it, you want to try and stay friends or something so hopefully they’ll take you back at some point.

Stop it and don’t do this, it never makes it any easier, just worse. Trying to keep talking to her and expecting to get over her is like slowly pulling off a band-aid, why do that to yourself?

Rip that bad boy off, feel the sting for a little bit so that the recovering process can begin as quickly as possible.

This can vary depending on how the breakup went down and if both of you decided it wasn’t working but still wanted to be friends.

Start Getting In Better Shape

This is probably the best one out of all of the others in my opinion. When you get dumped you get the feeling you’re not good enough, it might not be that exact thought but it relates in some shape or form. By starting to workout or running you start bettering yourself.

This can do an insane amount of positiveness for your you during a break up because for one you’ve started a new hobby so you dedicate your thinking away from your ex, for at least a short time period while you workout.

Another great reason is that you can hopefully make your ex regret making the decision to dump you whenever you guys run into each other in the future.

I’ll tell you there is nothing more gratifying than seeing your exes face when she sees you for the first time in so many years and you are jacked/ripped up.

Like I mentioned in the intro men don’t usually discuss their feelings really but if they do it usually done while doing something manly like lifting weights.

I’m not sure how it came to be but when lifting weights with your workout buddy seems to have become the unspoken mens therapy session for when one of you are going through a rough time.

Finding A Rebound Girl

A rebound girl is someone you start dating as quick as possible to help you stop thinking about your ex, make your ex jealous or just someone to do something with.

This doesn’t have to be the person you plan on marrying, heck it can be just a friend and nothing more.

The main thing here is just to keep your mind off of what your ex is doing in which focusing on another girl definitely helps with that. A lot of guys confuse rebound girl as someone to start sleeping with which isn’t exactly the thought here.

Even if your rebound girl is someone to text with then that’s okay, this keeps you from texting your ex which you do not want to do as it only drags out the break up emotions in my opinion.

Binge Watch A TV Series

This option is something most men don’t really think about but women take more advantage of for some reason.

With so many streaming options for movies/shows this makes this option so much easier as previous times. The great thing about this is you can basically submerge yourself into a fantasy world and almost completely forget about everything going on outside of it.

As an example during some depressing times a few years ago I started watching the show “The Walking Dead” and I had started watching from the first episode through season 5.

By the time I was into season 3 I really didn’t give a crap what was going on outside of that show, I just wanted to know did Glen get bitten, was he going to survive!?

Hang Out With Friends

I’m not overly fond of this way as the main way to get over a breakup but I can’t ignore the fact that he really does help some.

For one most guys don’t want to talk about relationship crap so it’s one of those out of sight out of mind things. Another good thing is most buddies become much better wing-men during times like this and can help you get a date or get laid much easier than usual.

On the other hand if you hang out with a group of friends that usually has your ex and your buddies girlfriends around then this becomes a bad situation waiting to explode.

While having your buddies around helps take your mind off of things what about when their not around? This is where things such as a t.v show become the better option.

How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Breakup?

This is very hard to determine because of so many variables but I’ll try to give a couple of time tables to help you get an idea.

For these estimates we’re going to assume the couples have been dating for 1 year. If both completely cut contact with one another and there is zero interaction in any way, shape or form then I would put 2 – 3 weeks to get over the hardest part of the breakup.

If you go to school with your ex in which it causes you to see her or maybe y’all still try to stay in touch as “friends” then this will drag it out much longer.

I would say at least a month or two. Like I said these are only estimates with using myself as the main test subject but also a lot from what I’ve seen from friends as well.

I hope this article has helped some of you because breakups are never easy, just keep your head up and try not to dwell on the negatives as hard as it may be. Good luck bros!