Reviews of the Best Rado Watches For Men 2020

This is our review of the best rado watches you can buy.

Rado is a Swiss watchmaker based in Lengnau, Switzerland. The company prides itself in being a globally recognized Swiss watch brand, and it produces about half a million watches annually.

Rado watches are stylish and durable, and are perfect for men who are looking for a different kind of approach to outfitting themselves with the perfect watch.

If you have been looking for a good watch that is not from the most popular brands, Rado is definitely an ideal choice.

Rado Hyperchrome

The Rado Hyperchrome collection focuses on expressing the Rado legacy of craftsmanship and care in selecting and utilizing materials. Hyperchromes are all-occasion watches built for the test of time.

There are over 70 different models in this collection, each one offering something different, and allowing for watch lovers to enjoy the diversity of Rado workmanship. Rado’s monobloc cases are made from high tech ceramic, resulting in great durability, more comfortable use, and best of all, beauty, that the wearer deservers.

Models with injected ceramic are ideal for those who wish to diverge from the more classical weight and feel of watches with stainless steel cores. Hyperchrome models are equipped with plasma ceramos material for the monobloc casing and have a Rado Calibre 650 automatic movement mechanism with a 38 hour reserve. Hyperchromes are water-resistant to a depth of 330 feet, which makes it ideal for light swimming and showering, but not diving.

Rado Diamaster

The Rado Diamaster collection has a dizzying array of dial designs that exceeds what the brand has established so far with its other collections.

From beautiful linear covers to blue dual-dial designs, pick a watch from the Rado Diamaster collection if you want something truly unique and ‘never been done, never been seen before.’

According to the company website, the Diamaster collection pulls inspiration from classic, old school watches – the simplicity, durability, and painstaking craftsmanship handed down to the younger generations from the original Swiss watchmakers.

This collection has everything you will ever need: elegant, masculine, supersized – the list goes on and on. So whatever you may need, there is always a Rado Diamaster that is perfect for the job.

Rado True

If you are looking for something contemporary, modern, and sleek that speaks to youth and current fashion, there’s Rado True.

True is a collection of handsome watches that look the part of the classic, elegant watch, but have bold designs that you just know are built for those with youthful spirits and sensibilities.

Models from this series have streamlined curves, slim form factors, accentuated bracelets, and more. The Rado True is an award-winning collection, making every piece from this series a top notch addition to any watch collection.

Available in 30 mm or 40 mm cases, you can choose from models with diamonds, mother of pearl, or monocolor. Available colors are onyx black, virginal white, and injected ceramic.

As was already mentioned in a previous collection, Rado’s high tech ceramic technology ensures a more comfortable fit and wear, without sacrificing the durability of the timepiece.

Rado True Thinline

True enough, Rado True inspired the True Thinline collection that, according to the company, is Rado’s slimmest ceramic collection yet.

The quartz models measure a mere 4.9 millimeters, and it took the world by engineering storm back in 2011, when it was first unveiled as a part of the Rado collection.

Unlike classic watches for men, the casing of the Rado Thinline is plasma ceramic, which gave the manufacturer a lot of leeway when it came to reducing the dimensions and heft of the watch.

The company assures customers that while the True Thinline collection’s selling point is having less heft, it is still as durable and scratch-resistant as other models from other collections.

This collection’s timepieces are wonderfully minimalistic, and you can choose luxuriant details such as mother of pearl, rose gold colored accents, and diamonds.

The watches are definitely light, but not only that, they feel really good on the skin when worn.

Rado Ceramica

The Rado Ceramica collection is an iconic series because of its square form factor, sleek lines, and ultra modern design. The collection features the strongest lines, a curved silhouette, and is bets worn if you’d like to stand out from the crowd.

Measuring 30 mm x 41.7 mm, it weighs just 120 grams but it brings so much aesthetic value to the table. Manufactured with Rado’s patented injected ceramic, the face is covered with scratch-resistant sapphire and can be submerged to a depth of up to 30 meters.

The bracelet is made from linked ceramic and it has a fixed bezel, silver hands, and index hour markers. Ceramicas are minimalistic, but they are inspiring and will stand on their own in terms of modern expressiveness.

Rado Centrix

At the core of the Rado Centrix collection are the open-heart timepieces that prove that it’s what is inside that truly counts. All Centrix watches are self-winding, and have a patented automatic movement mechanism that is truly ecologically friendly.

The analog display and open heart are protected by scratch-resistant sapphire. The case is manufactured from stainless steel, with a skeletal dial.

Centrix watches can be submerged to up 30 meters, and is fine if splashed with a little water. They cannot be worn while showering, swimming, or diving.

Take note that Rado Centrix models are varied and not all of them are open-heart timepieces. Some models, like Jubile, are gold plated and have more conventional designs.

Rado Coupole

Rado Coupole watches are timeless classics. With sleek lines, bold designs, and stainless steel construction, they are best for watch aficionados who want a modern take on the classic men’s watch.

Made with multiple dial configurations and semi-open heart construction, Coupoles are striking for both minimalists and classic watch lovers.

Coupoles have a self-winding mechanism, are eco-friendly, and have a date calendar window. These watches are water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters, making them perfect for washing and aquatic sports, but not for diving.