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We’ll be doing a review of MK-2866 or Ostarine in this article. This supplement is a SARM designed to reduce muscle wastage, address muscle atrophy and reduction, and ward off cachexia and sarcopenia.

It is a selective androgen receptor module, and can be utilized during hormone therapy and/or instances that an individual has been deemed at risk because of low testosterone levels.

It has been noted that individuals who regularly take ostarine not only avoid muscle wastage but were also able to increase muscle mass over a period of time.

Disclaimer: We are not recommending taking this product, yet simply reviewing the product based on our research. MK-2866 Ostarine is sold for research purposes only & is not approved for human use or consumption! Please do your own research before making any decisions related to MK-2866 Ostarine.

Where To Buy MK-2866 Ostarine

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Benefits of Ostarine

Ostarine is often mistaken for an earlier compound called ‘S1’ in the market, but there should be no confusion – the ‘S1’ SARM is no longer under active development.

Ostarine has been proven relatively safe for regular consumption; users have reported consistent gains in muscle mass.

Though the gains are small, they are continuous if ostarine is included in any regular therapy or regimen, as guided by a qualified healthcare specialist. The build-up of muscle mass will become more noticeable over a long period of use.

A healthy adult engaged in regular physical fitness activities may gain up to 10 pounds of muscle mass with the help of this SARM, though a specialized diet may be required to sustain the muscle gains. As with all forms of muscle gains, continued resistance training and sufficient nutrition is required to maintain firm musculature.

Some of the general observable effects of Ostarine include the following: Consistent gains of lean muscle mass over a period of time, increased muscular strength during periods of resistance and strain, increased physical endurance, improved joint regeneration after strain and injury, and anabolic effects even in low dosages.

Although Ostarine has a notable anabolic impact on the body, it is not identical to anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are a distinct class of substances and are used to treat low testosterone levels, among other health conditions.

How Does MK-2866 Ostarine Work

Ostarine binds primarily with the androgen receptor, and causes changes in both bone and muscle activity. The effect is selective and controlled, which determines the safety level of Ostarine in any clinical setting.

Regular intake of the compound induces an increase of protein synthesis at target sites, causing small gains over time. Ostarine helps increase muscle mass and prevents muscle wasting, minus the secondary side effects associated with anabolic steroids.

Some of the more common side effects of anabolic steroids include liver cysts, unusual breast growth in males and prostate/testicular issues. These side effects are well-documented clinically and a GP will be able to tell you about the side effects of anabolic steroids during your consultation.

Ostarine is notable not just for muscle growth during intense physical activity, but also muscle gains after surgery and chronic conditions such as cancer.

It appears that lack of physical activity is not an obstacle to the primary impact of ostarine to the body, which means cancer patients may also benefit from it as genera muscular wastage is exceedingly common in patients suffering from advanced cancer.

MK-2866 Ostarine Human Clinical Trials

To date, one manufacturer, GTx, has subjected the compound to no less than three effectiveness trials involving more than 500 respondents.

A separate Phase II-B Medical Trial that involved a total of 159 patients has also been undertaken to examine the direct impact of ostarine on the lean muscle volume of healthy adults.

In the Phase-II B Medical Trial, ostarine was pitted against a placebo for a period of four months. Progressive muscular strength was noted in the majority of the 159 respondents, confirming yet another facet of ostarine in improving musculoskeletal robustness.

Ostarine and bone mineral density

How does ostarine help the bones?

Why is this even important? For athletes and other individuals who rely on physical strength and endurance, bone strength and recuperation is of utmost importance. The same can be said for aging individuals and people afflicted with brittle or weak bones.

As was previously mentioned in this article, ostarine has a secondary anabolic effect on the bones as well. This effect impacts bone strength and regeneration, which means ostarine may soon be used as a complementary therapy for individuals with osteoporosis and other similar chronic, degenerative bone conditions.

This compound may also be useful for individuals suffering from lower bone density as a result of previous therapies. Some therapies reduce bone density as a side effect.

Ostarine may be prescribed as a parallel treatment to swiftly counteract the harmful effects of bone-reducing drugs. Ostarine’s anabolic activity also benefits cartilaginous parts of the body, including major and minor joints. Individuals suffering from athletic injuries may recover more quickly with the help of this compound.

MK-2866 Ostarine Dosing

Individuals who require the aid of non-steroidal, anabolic aid from ostarine have shown laudable results even with mild or low dosing. The average dosing can be as low as 25 milligrams or double the amount, taken every 24-36 hours, depending on the recommendation of the GP/specialist.

As of this writing, there is no medical literature that indicates any increase in the effectiveness of ostarine beyond the 50 milligram mark, which means low dosing is the ideal.

As for the safety record of this drug over a longer time frame, current studies indicate safe use for up to six months, or 24 weeks. Ostarine is well-tolerated and no serious side effects have been noted in formal literature.

How has ostarine been used in athletic settings? Individuals engaged in regular strength training regimens have noted muscle gains of up to six pounds (lean muscle mass) after using ostarine for up to six weeks. Six weeks corresponds to a fraction of the period deemed safe for this compound.

Dosages above 25 milligrams are recommended for individuals weighing more than 200 lbs. The maximum dosing of 50 milligrams often never used, as daily intake of 36 milligrams appears to be sufficient for the purpose of protecting lean tissue from wear and tear, and increasing overall lean muscle mass/volume.

36 milligram dosing often requires intake for a period of eight weeks. The diet requirement is centered on proteins – the overall protein content of the individual’s diet should be no less than 30% in order for ostarine’s anabolic activity to achieve maximum impact.

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