Movado vs Tissot Watches: Which Is A Better Buy?

We’re going to cover the difference in Movado vs Tissot watches for those who are in the market to buy a new watch.

Movado Watches

Movado is an American watchmaker that specializes in producing minimalistic watches. This brand is well-known for its timepieces that have minimal markings (no stencils of digits), making the displays look clearer and clearer-looking.

The brand’s most popular and iconic watch is the Movado Men’s Core – Museum Classic Watch, which is incredibly stylish and minimalistic, given that the timepiece doesn’t have the usual markings, save for the shimmering dot on the 12 o’clock position.

Movado originates from Switzerland before it was purchased by the American company in the 1980s.

The Swiss watchmaking technologies and standards have been retained, and the brand is still rocking patents and awards to this day, having more than 100 patents to its name, and at least 200 awards.

The Museum Classic Watch is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters, and sports a stainless steel construction from the watch’s case, link, and bracelet.

The company claims that the minimalistic yet precise construction of their watches make for worry-free timepieces that will work as intended, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance. The Museum Classic also comes with a genuine sapphire cover, which makes it a truly luxurious timepiece worthy of any attire or event.

Sapphire is also one of the hardest minerals around, which makes it a great cover for such a timeless watch. This is not to say that Movado has not ventured beyond their extreme minimalism.

For those who want minute and hour markings on their watches, Movado has Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Watch that combines stainless steel and genuine leather in such a thoughtful way. The brown leather strap is smooth and casual, while the gun steel casing perfectly complements the deep brown hue of the strap.

The face of the watch is made from mineral crystal, and is scratch-resistant. The Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Watch can resist water to a depth of up to 99 feet, which makes it safe for swimming and showering (and maybe a little snorkeling, but not diving).

For a touch of gold and black, we recommend the Movado Men’s BOLD TR90 Watch. The TR90 features the iconic sunray dot at the 12 o’clock mark, K1 crystal protection, and a cognac leather strap.

What makes the TR90 slightly better than the previous model is the inclusion of the K1 crystal, which is more durable and shatter-resistant than regular mineral crystal and even sapphire. If you want a watch that won’t give up after several drops, the TR90 is a good choice.

Does Movado produce anything for folks engaged in sports and fitness? Definitely! The Movado Men’s Museum Sport Stainless Steel Watch has three subdials, a beautiful black face, numerical markings for the stopwatch function, and a silver sunray dot at the 12 o’clock mark. The window is made of clear and durable sapphire, and the watch can withstand submersion to up to 99 feet.

Tissot Watches

Tissot is one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers and specializes in manufacturing luxury watches. Tissot features both minimalistic and standard designs for their watches. The company also manufactures multiple series of watches for different consumers.

There’s a Tissot model for everybody. The price range also varies, and some Tissot models are even less expensive than Movado watches. Tissot produces mostly analog watches, and its ‘simplest’ design is reflected in models like the Tissot Traditional Analog Watch which has a calendar window at the 3 o’clock position, Swiss quartz movement, and a 42 mm stainless steel case.

This model is water resistant to up to 99 feet, and you can use it for showering and a bit of swimming, but not diving. Tissot uses leather bands for multiple models, not just for its lighter analog watches. For instance, the Chrono XL series, which includes the Classic and Silver/Beige models, is outfitted with leather straps. If you want something heftier and perfect for the road, there’s the Tissot T-Race Chrono, which is inspired by motorcycles and even has “Start” and “Reset” engravings on the button controls.

The chronograph has three subdials, stainless steel time markings, a shatter-proof crystal window placed on a large display. A magnified calendar window can also be found on the three o’clock position. Includes a stopwatch function that fully utilizes the three subdials.

For men who need a dependable watch when setting out to sea, we recommend the Tissot Sailing-Touch Blue Face Watch. Perfectly designed with a bright blue face, large numerals, and black hour and minute hands, the Sailing-Touch Blue Face Watch is sporty, sophisticated, and has more features than other Tissot luxury models.

The Sailing-Touch features a stainless steel construction, a tachymeter bezel, luminous hour and minute hands, a perpetual calendar, and chronograph functionality.

The strap is made of rubber, with a secure clasp lock to ensure a firm attachment on the wrist regardless of activity. The Sailing-Touch can also resist water to a depth of 330 feet, and can produce a histogram of atmospheric pressure for the past few hours.


Movado’s and Tissot’s current lineup of watches show us that Tissot has been focusing on improving their luxury series of watches to attract users who want sportier watches. Movado seems to be focusing on aesthetics, which might mean that they want to continue serving those who are looking for dress watches, particularly.

In any case, both brands have something to offer, and if you’re not going to get wet any way, you shouldn’t worry too much about the submersion limits of the watches.

But if you do intend to get wet because you are into surfing, watercrafting or angling, you may want to focus on “diver” or “sailing” models of watches as these are designed to resist water beyond 100 feet.

In any case, you should be able to get some good choices from both Movado and Tissot, especially if your budget is $400 and up, as this seems to be the range where both brands are really equipping their watches with shatter-proof covers and additional functions.