Nixon Mens A405-1888 Sentry Quartz Casual Watch Review

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In this post we’ll be seeing our review of the Nixon Mens A405-1888 Sentry Quartz Casual Watch.

When it comes to choosing among a wide range of timepieces whether it is your first time to buy a watch or not, many would definitely go for a fashion watch.

Let’s face it we want to buy watches that look good on us when we wear it.

So factoring the style and aesthetic value of the timepiece is one of the main considerations.

But it is not just about the over-all appeal and design of a watch that will make you buy a watch but in its value.

Pros & Cons Of The Nixon Mens A405-1888 Sentry Quartz Casual Watch


  • Exudes A Very Elegant And High-end Design Which Makes You Think That This Watch Is Really Expensive
  • It Uses Japanese Quarts Which Gives You That Reliability And The Battery Can Also Last You Years.
  • With Its Clasp And Case Coated With Rose Gold, It Features A Really Nice Design That Gives You That Illusion Of Depth And Sense Of Style.
  • The Watch Is Comfortable And Stylish Which You Can Wear With Any Outfit.


  • The Brand Only Provides 2 Year Warranty Coverage Which Is Pretty Much Standard.
  • The Quartz Is Mineral And The Hardware Is Not Top-end.
  • You Can See Imperfections With The Calendar If You Magnify It.

Those who like mechanicals have a lot of nice choices to choose from.

But if you are looking for a well-designed timepiece that is definitely beyond the regular style, the Nixon Men’s Sentry Quarts Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch might just be the right one for you.

Nixon Sentry is widely popular and it is for several reasons.

Want to know what makes this watch a famous choice?

It is quite expensive for its price but many still go for this timepiece.

What makes them want this watch?

Product Features and Specifications

Let’s take a look at its design, features and specs to find out what draws people to buy this watch over the others
A Good Looking Watch: What you will love about the Nixon Sentry is that it is just one of those timepieces that has an amazingly good looking design.

With its rose gold features, big leather and distressed dial, this watch gives you that remarkable appearance unlike no other.

It may look somewhat similar from other quartz watches but if you really look at its features, it is entirely different.

Simply by looking at its hands that give you that squellete-style, it looks awesome.

Although the downside of it is that it does not have lume so you can’t really see it at night.

The hour makers are raised giving you that depth. Its rose gold features add more style to the design as well as its engraved rose gold.

Luxurious Looking Dial and Finishings: There is no denying that the Nixon Sentry Watch is a high-end looking watch.

With its tapered indices, it plays with light giving you that extra-rich look as it appears really luxurious.

That is why even for a person who is not really into watches will find this timepiece visually appealing.

There might be some imperfections that you can find on the calendar but without really paying closer attention and without magnification, you can barely see them.

You really have to magnify the details to see the downsides of this timepiece.

Japanese Quartz: One of the main strengths of the Nixon Sentry is that it is uses Japanese Quarts.

This movement is what powers the Sentry giving you a long term reliability unlike no other.

Although in terms of hardware this watch might not be using top-end, it is a pretty much reliable watch for daily use.

Durability: In terms of batter life, you can expect about 3 years of batter life for this watch backed with an accuracy of +/- 25 sec. per month.

This can already give you just enough horsepower. For many, this is already enough and this is just what they need.

Case, Clasp and Strap: At whatever angle the 42 mm steel case that is coated with rose gold is excellent.

The bezel looks really nice and it gives you that look as if it is deeply embedded in the case.

The clasp features rose gold that fits the look of the watch. As for the leather strap which is 23 mm wide, it is soft and has nice stitching.

Warranty Coverage: When you purchase Nixon Sentry, it comes with a 2 year warranty coverage.


Is this product worth the buy? For its price, there are tons of reasons to like the Nixon Sentry.

This watch is quite expensive given its hardware but when you look at it, the watch gives you that luxurious look which makes it look like an expensive watch.

For such a price, you can rarely find a very well-crafted watch that gives you that built and design.

It has its share of downsides but it also has a lot of amazing features to give.

One of the main downsides is that it is not really a top-end hardware.

What does it mean?

Compared to other watches in the same price range, you can say that it does not use top quality hardware considering the crystal uses mineral and the movement of the watch itself is just basic.

Then again, do most people care about that?

If you are looking for a nicely designed quartz watch, Nixon Sentry is already a good choice for its price.