Essential Survival Equipment: Best Off Grid Tools 2019

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When the travel bug bites, there’s no way to deny it – but you don’t have to go unprepared.

If you’re thinking of going abroad or just exploring the local nature trails or mountain ranges, it’s important that you have the right tools and gadgets for adventuring.

This is our special rundown of the best survival tools & equipment for adventuring. Be well-prepared when you hit the trail!

1. Portable Generator

Portable generators have gone a long way since their humble beginning. With the advent of greener technologies like solar panels, hybrid generators like the Vetomile 250-Watt Portable Power Generator can be charged through a regular AC wall outlet or through a solar panel assembly.

While this portable generator is heftier than your usual solar-battery setups, it can be used for more than just charging your laptop or mobile phone.

It can actually power an air-conditioning unit or a rice cooker. We think this is a huge convenience if you’re going off-grid for a while in your adventuring.

2. Military Shovel

Also called an entrenchment tool, the FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel provides an axe blade, shovel, hammer, saw edge, and paracord.

Larger multi-tools like this one may be heftier, but they are extremely useful especially if you are planning to visit jungles and mountainsides.

Even a simple nature trek or camping trip can be made easier with the right set of tools. Decide wisely and bring the right kinds of tools to your adventure.

3. Emergency Shelter & Bedding

When you are exposed to the elements and the possible fury of nature, it’s important to be prepared for “the impossible” – like losing your main tent.

The Go Time Gear Life Tent solves the problem of bulky tents and stays neatly packed until such time that it needs to be deployed. This emergency tent will keep you warm, cool, and completely dry regardless of the weather.

This tube tent can accommodate up to two persons comfortably and is manufactured with puncture-resistant polyethylene.

Gears like this Life Tent are also perfect for emergency bug-out packs. Think ahead and get yourself some emergency shelter before heading out.

You can also add the Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag to your shopping list. Redundancy preparation is vital, and items like sleeping bags can get lost, punctured, or otherwise unusable especially when things make a turn for the worst.

You can place your emergency shelter and emergency sleeping bag in a safe place in your main pack so they will stay dry and safe.

4. Survival Blankets

Hypothermia is a huge problem in the great outdoors, and being in a group with like-minded adventurers is no guarantee that there will be no illness or injuries as you traverse point A to point B.

Buying a quantity of emergency blankets like the General Medi Emergency Blanket (12-pack) ensures that each person in the group would have at least one emergency blanket to use in case you lose your main equipment stack.

5. Flameless Lighter

Sounds like science fiction, but the technology used for flameless lighters are actually old school.

The Tough Tesla Lighter has a double-arc system that sets fire on anything that it touches.

It’s rechargeable, so this one’s perfect if you have a small power generator unit with you. Otherwise, you can just max out the 200-300 times you can use it with each full charge, which takes only 1.5-2 hours to complete.

What we like about the Tough Tesla Lighter is its waterproof and windproof features, as well as the extra grip designed onto its main casing. The extra loop on the side is also pretty useful for attaching the lighter to your backpack.

6. Trauma Kit

Having basic medical, first aid, and trauma supplies and tools are a must when you are leaving the city.

Scuddles’ Emergency Trauma Tactical Kit has a good number of basic supplies, including a ergonomic bag, combat tourniquet, sprint roll, trauma bandage, compressed gauze, trenmal blanket, elastic badge, triangle bandage, burn dressing, and more.

Not that we are planning to get hurt when you go adventuring, but if you do get hurt and you are all alone, your chances of survival and getting home in fairly sound condition will be higher if you have a kit of your own.

Also, don’t forget to learn emergency preparedness and first aid. This kit won’t be so useful if you don’t know how to disinfect and dress different kinds of wounds.

7. Filtering Straws

Also called life straws, these extremely portable filtering straws are built with highly efficient filtration membranes that allow you to drink from contaminated sources of water like ponds and rivers. Use this if your source of potable water has run out, and you are at risk of dehydration.

Of course, no portable system is 100% efficient, but between drinking from a river straight and having some filtration going between you and those nematodes, you have a better outlook with filtering straws. Membrane Solutions’ Portable Water Filter Straws are a good pick, and you can even choose what colors you like. We like the camo ones, though!

8. Satellite Phone

Satellite phones are not influenced by the limitations of terrestrial cellular sites, and can be used on almost any location, excluding territories that prohibit their use due to security concerns.

Extreme adventurers at sea or in the deepest jungles in the world use satellite phones as a fail-safe for communication, as cellular phones are notorious for losing signals when you are far enough from towns and cities.

While the initial cost of one is high compared to other phones, it’s going to be worth it – trust us. A good pick would be the IsatPhone 2.1 that comes with a 100-unit SIM card and 77 minutes of calls.

9. GPS Communicator

The Garmin eTrex 30 has a two-inch screen and a database of global relief maps for the ultimate adventurers.

It is ruggedly built, looks good, and has GLONASS and HotFix support.

The 3-axis compass also helps provide accurate guidance when moving, and it is powered with AA batteries, so you can just replace the batteries when they run out. Bring a large pack of batteries just in case!

Note that this GPS is our best budget option. If you want to see our top of the line gps option then check this article out.

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