Do Pheromone Colognes Actually Attract Women?

Pheromones are chemical substances produced by the body specifically to signal to your outside environment.

Pheromones have been observed throughout the Animal Kingdom – it is by no means new in the evolutionary sense, but science is only beginning to understand how pheromones impact human males and females.

There have been scientific studies before that link the exposure to pheromones to effects as drastic as the slowing down or acceleration of the menstrual cycle and ovulation in human females.

Therefore, pheromones definitely have concrete and very real effects on the human body. They work on the outside, influencing other members of the same species, compared to hormones that work predominantly inside the body.

Can pheromones attract women?

All evidence points to the positive, though you have to be careful when using pheromones as these substances can either magnetically attract women or repel them, depending on their personalities.

If you are in the game to attract women through your raw sexuality and manliness, then you also have to put in some effort to find women who have the same predisposition and personalities so the pheromones can amplify the attraction between you and the women that you want.

Basically, pheromones just work with what you already have, and make you doubly or triply magical to women.

Pheromones can be likened to steroids – they’re not magic bullets, but if you’re doing your bit in becoming attractive to women, they sure help a lot in the buildup of that sexuality and appeal that you have wanted for so long.

Use pheromones if you have been struggling to make yourself attractive to women, or if women are repelled for one reason or another. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with what you say, but it may have something to do with what your body is signaling chemically. How do you compete with that? You can’t. You have to correct it. If your body is sending out poor, wacky, or faulty signals to potential partners or mates, that’s not the way to go at all.

What kind of pheromone colognes can I use to attract women?

There are plenty of colognes on the market, but we’ve rounded up some of the ones that hold a lot of promise for beginning players who are out to find their ladies.

Alpha Q

Made by S1CK, Alpha Q demonstrates several abilities that every player will surely find useful. Those who have tested Alpha Q report the following:

– They are able to emulate the signals of high social status and they are respected as the alpha male in packs.

– Women are hooked by the mysterious and edgy player personality that Alpha Q helps project. They are drawn to the users of Alpha Q and subsequently, it’s easy to develop the perfect environment for crushes to occur.

– Troubled by social acceptance? Don’t be anymore. This formula has been known to ease away the awkwardness associated with first time meet-ups, as well as the dead air in conversations.

Say goodbye to the pesky gap that happens every time you meet someone new, and get ready for women who warm up easily just because you’re there.

We recommend Alpha Q because we believe that it can give your confidence a much-needed boost in different situations, and everyone needs to feel accepted especially when you are with someone that you really like.

It’s also a nice touch that both males and females are affected by the pheromones packed into Alpha Q, ensuring that the alpha male is respected in social situations.

Alfa Maschio

Developed by Alpha Dream, Alfa Maschio is an excellent choice if you are after the “bad boy” feel that many women find intimidating and irresistible at the same time.

Why “bad boy?”

The bad boy vibe is actually a misnomer. What this concept is really referring to is sexual superiority and domination, both aspects of male human sexuality that occur naturally when a male is in the presence of females.

We can’t help it, actually. What Alfa Maschio does is it takes your raw sexuality and makes it more evident and people are able to take notice more quickly. Why? Because of pheromones, that’s why.

Try Alfa Maschio if you want the following effects:

– Women perceive you as a dominant “bad boy” with raw sexual powers, and that you will not take no for an answer (even if you aren’t really doing anything!)

– Create the projection that you are an attractive fellow and it makes complete sense to be attracted to you. People will feel great that they are crushing on you, or downright sexually attracted, and people will also be more willing to open up because of the effects of Alfa Maschio.

– Your attractive personality shines through, putting you at the center of the action. You are going up as an independent boy, someone who likes women, and you don’t feel like you have to apologize for being you.


Developed by AKA Corpo, Corporativo is one of the more balanced formulas in the market and it is a good choice if you are finding it hard to relate to women because they are intimidated of you.

Let us put it this way: some formulas make men overly dominant and appealing, to the point that women feel repelled by the raw power. Corporativo balances out the self-effects of the pheromone formula, and gives you a more open projection that will not scare away women.

Basically, with Corporativo, the net is cast much more widely because you will not be stuck with just the females who are already open about their sexuality or being attracted to males in general.

Corporativo can be used for a variety of purposes because it is considered the multi-tool of the pheromone world for males.

Use this one if you need a balanced boost in every aspect of your personality, from your swagger to your general confidence in talking with people. If you want to gain the upper hand in different social situations without being overly dominant, intimidating or overpowering, then formulas like this one are a boon.