Which Is Better: Pros & Cons Of Big Vs Small Vs Home Gyms

Getting in shape is not an easy take nut you have to start somewhere and that usually begins with picking out the best place to work out for you.

This is why I will be covering the pros and cons of big gyms vs small gyms vs home gyms and give you my opinion on which may be better for certain types of people.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Working Out In A Big Gym

The Pros

  • More Equipment To Use
  • Extra Features Not Found In Small Gyms (Sauna, Racketball,..)
  • Usually Open 24 Hours
  • More Staff Around To Help
  • Fitness Group Classes

Big Gyms have been opening up more here lately to where it seems to be causing the smaller gyms to have to close up shop.

Having worked out at both big and small gyms I have really liked some features of big gyms while not so much on the other hand.

The things I do like is having much more equipment to use, not just more weight benches but unique types of machines that I haven’t seen before.

Depending on the actual gym you might find ones that have a sauna, indoor pool, racketball, basketball courts and all sorts of extras beside just a place to lift weights.

Literally most big gyms now are open 24 hours which is a major plus for most people.

The Cons

  • May Have To Many People
  • Can Feel Intimidating
  • Possible Higher Prices

On the flip side there are some downsides to a big gym. Even though the gyms are big that also means attracting a lot of people which could be a huge pain if you try to work out during the rush hours (between 4-8pm).

If you’re new to working out all of those machines and so many people around can definitely make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

This varies but if the bigger gyms offer a lot of extras like we mentioned above then it usually comes with a higher monthly price simply because they have to pay for all of those extras.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Doing Your Workouts In A Small Gym

The Pros

  • Usually A Friendlier Type Of Atmosphere (Non Corporatized)
  • Easier To Learn Where All The Equipment Is
  • Not Overly Crowded (Most Of The Times)
  • More Accommodating (Sometimes)

Small gyms are much more my type of scene for working out and I’ll explain why.

Most of the times in smaller gyms you’ll eventually learn people’s names which is great for asking for a spot and just overall meeting new people.

The smaller gym is easier to learn where everything is and what does what in a quicker time frame since there isn’t as much to remember. Even during rush hour times for gyms I’ve never felt it as being overly crowded like I do at the bigger gyms.

Usually in smaller gyms the owners/staff are a bit more laid back and will help accommodate you in certain ways like possibly changing the thermostat temperature or maybe turning on a different style of music on.

All of this of course varies on where/who/what time of gym it is but this is what I’ve noticed from my years in smaller gyms.

The Cons

  • Operating Hours
  • You Might Want More Equipment
  • Possibility Of No Showers/Locker Rooms

Being a 24 hour gym is starting to become a must have to be able to compete with other gyms for members.

With that said I do see some smaller gyms that still do not have this 24 hour option and this can be a big hassle for those who work weird hours.

Smaller gyms usually don’t have the budget or the space to be able to throw in all the new hotness for different machines.

Having showers is more important than a lot of people realize for picking a gym because many folks hit the gym before work and shower there. So not having showers can definitely be a negative factor.

The Pros And Cons Of Using A Home Gym To Workout

The Pros

  • No Commute
  • Available Whenever You Need It
  • Complete Privacy

The real perks of a home gym rely mainly in the fact that you don’t have to go out of your way to use it. You’re no longer reliant outside factors to be able to get your workout in.

You don’t have to worry about looking weak or confused about how to do a exercise because their isn’t anyone around to make you feel this way.

Hate having to find workout clothes to wear to the gym? No problem, heck workout naked for all you want because your house your rules!

The lack of commute is more than enough for most people to push for a home gym because the last thing I want to do when I get off is get stuck in rush hour traffic going to the gym that is out of my way from my home.

The Cons

  • Expensive To Start Up
  • Need Enough Space In Your Home
  • A Potential Downer On Motivation

You might think working out from home will save money since you don’t have to pay for a gym membership every month but that doesn’t come until a few years down the road.

First you need to buy all the equipment which one machine can’t easily cost you as much as an entire years worth of gym membership.

You can always save money by sacrificing buying certain equipment to use body weight exercises instead.

For example, you can do push ups instead of doing bench press until you can afford to purchase a bench and weights.

Something most people don’t realize until they actually get a home gym is how hard it is to push yourself to workout knowing that you just want to sit on that couch 10 feet away.

This becomes increasingly more difficult if you decide to just rest for a few minutes when you get homes because once you kick your shoes off and get comfortable then it becomes that much harder to get going again.

Which Gym Should You Choose To Work Out In

This varies per person and their situation so I can’t get a one site fits all answer here.

If you’re not happy with your current gym then try swapping it up; by this I mean if you’re currently in a big gym then give a smaller gym a try and vice versa.

Keep an eye out for potential people selling their used gym equipment if you want to give a home gym a try in the future.