Pure Rawz SARMs Review 2019

This is our review of Pure Rawz, a US-based company that produces and sells SARMs. In contrast to other companies that retail SARMs, Pure Rawz also sells ancillaries and cannabis-based products.

Recommended SARMs Vendor: Check out ProvenPeptides for purchasing SARMs. They provide 3rd party testing of their products & have a full lineup of SARMs available.

The following payment methods are accepted upon the confirmation of orders: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum (and other cryptocurrencies), Venmo, Google Pay, and PayPal.


They offer transdermics, stacks, and raw powders. Under transdermics, they have RAD-140/S-23, RU-58841, SR-9011, and SR9009 (Stenabolic). Under stacks they have Atlas (capsules, liquid, and tablets), Behemoth (capsules, liquid, and tablets), and of course, their long lineup of raw, research powders: 6-Parclol, AC-262, AC-356, Adrafinil Powder, Agomelatin, Alpha-GPC, Alpha-GPC 50%, Andarine S4, Aniracetam, Cardarine GW 501516, Centrophenoxine, Citicoline/CDP Choline Sodium and Clomiphene.

The following research liquids are also for sale: 1-Andro, 4-Andro, AC-262/356, ACP-105, Adrafinil liquid, Aicar, AMP Citrate, Anastrozole, Andarine S4 and Armistane.

There is also a variety of SARMs and related compounds in capsule form: AICAR, Cardarine GW, Clomiphene, GW-D742, LGD-3303, LGD-4033, MK-677, and Ostarine MK-2866, PEA with Lavagen, Phenibut FAA, Phenibut HCL, RAD-140 Testolone, S-23, S4 Andarine, SR-9011, Stenabolic, and many more.

Pure Rawz is one of the more comprehensive sources of SARMs among US distributors, but then again it would be really up to the researchers to say which distributors are delivering in terms of purity and exactness in weight.

Ordering & shipping

All confirmed purchases (after payment) will be shipped out in two to six business days. Take not that this is counted in business days, and not calendar days. You will be receiving an email confirmation of your order once you have forwarded payment to Pure Rawz. In case you run across problems, simply email them at support@purerawz.com.

Once you receive your order, you have seven days to notify the company of any problems, so they can take appropriate action. This applies to appeals for refunds or replacements for products. Pure Rawz does not tolerate scammers, false chargebacks, and “testers.” In the event that you are judged as being any of these, you will automatically be put in the company’s “no sell” list.

With this in mind, the company assures its customers that 99% of issues with replacements/refunds are resolved, and you simply have to email or call them to fix any issues you may have, provided that you are not merely ‘testing’ their products. The products have to be returned to the company in a non-tampered state before they can process any refunds/replacements.

The company ships out orders Monday through Fridays, with the exception of holidays. Once your package has been shipped out, you will receive a tracking number and email, and you can track your package until it arrives on your doorstep. In case your order is over $80 in value, the shipping fee will be waived.

However, if your order is more than $150, the package will require a signature once it arrives.

If this is not tenable because you are not at home during daytime/regular delivery hours, simply let Pure Rawz know and they will do what they can so the package will be delivered with no signature. However, the company takes no responsibility if your package is tampered or lost if the value is =/<$150.

Pure Rawz is a US company and ships everywhere in the US and internationally, except in states where it’s not possible to ship pharmaceuticals like SARMs.

If you are having SARMs shipped to an international location makes sure that you have checked with local laws to avoid delays or problems with receiving the SARMs. The customer will also be responsible for dealing with customs and associated fees with receiving an international package.

International shipping can take anywhere from eight to seventeen days, on average. However, take note that international shipping can encounter a lot of delays, and it is possible that your package will take longer to arrive. Customs is usually the cause of big delays in international locations, so be aware of customs procedures and be ready to possibly fetch your package if needed be.

Upon checkout, the Pure Rawz website will ask for your phone number as a simple anti-fraud measure as banks in the US prefer additional details upon processing bank transfers and card payments. Don’t worry: Pure Rawz will not use this information for marketing purposes. By saving your information in your customer account on the website, you can save a bit of time later on when processing new orders.