Rushfit Georges St-Pierre Home Training Program Review

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  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • 80%

  • Fat Loss
    Editor: 95%
  • Muscle Toning
    Editor: 93%
  • Exercises
    Editor: 94%
  • Time Needed
    Editor: 89%

I’ll be giving my review of the Rushfit Georges St-Pierre Home Training Program in this article which will aim to cover many questions I had about this program before purchasing in hopes to help others not have to search high and low to find the answers that they’re looking for. We’ll kick off this post with what I do and don’t like about this program.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Rushfit Training Program


  • Don't Need To Go To The Gym You Can Do Everything From Your House.
  • Workouts Are Not That Long Only 45 Minutes Total.
  • Not Very Expensive.
  • Program Does A Great Job Of Working Out Your Entire Body Along With Getting You In Good Cardio Shape.
  • Great Results If You Follow The Nutrition Guide And Stick With The Program.


  • You Will Need To Buy Some Dumbbell Weights For The Program
  • 45 Minutes Maybe Too Much Time To Commit For Some

How Long Does It Take To See Results With Rushfit

When you start doing this program you hit the ground running (no pun intended). So it really depends on how out of shape you are and if you stick through the entire workout each day. With that said most people that I’ve chatted with or read their experience with this program they noticed actual mirror results after about 4-5 weeks but they notice their clothes fitting better even sooner than that. I wish their was an exact timeline I could give you but with each person being different it would be the biggest shot in the dark ever.

Is Rushfit Hard To Do?

Well, like I mentioned above, you will hit the ground running so I feel the toughest part is at the start because this is usually when you’re most out of shape. However as someone who hits the gym regularly I will say it’s definitely more cardio intensive than I was expecting it to be, which I had to build up my body to over a couple of weeks to be able to fully do the program without hitting pause. Don’t look for something that is easy because nothing easy ever produces great results. If you’re looking for something easy then you’re already beating yourself mentally.

What Equipment Do You Need To Do The Rushfit Training Program

To do this program as it is intended, you will need some dumbbells. You won’t need an entire set or anything just maybe grab a couple of 20lb dumbbells for men and for women 10lbs should be a good start. If you have adjustable dumbbells that would be ideal, that way you can go up in weight as you get stronger throughout the program. You could do some of the workout without any weights at all but you’ll shorting yourself on the results you’ll get.

Does Rushfit Really Work?

Absolutely, this program was designed by Erik Owings who kept Georges St-Pierre (The Trainer In The Videos) in fighting shape through his career. Erik is well respected in the martial arts/fitness community and he knows his stuff. Just make sure you actually give it all you got in the program and not skip workouts, eat junk and you should see results.

Where To Buy Rushfit Training Program?

This program came out a good while back so you most likely won’t find it in any local stores. I bought mine from amazon so this is your best bet in my opinion for where to get it. You could always ask on Facebook to see if anyone may have a copy that they no longer use but of course that’s a long shot.

Should You Buy It?

I can only answer this from my own perspective and that answer is yes you should. I seen very positive results along with getting a new type of aspect on workouts and also I learned a few things that I did not know. If you’re just started to workout and have no clue where to begin then I like this program for you because you’re in the comfort zone of your own home and you have someone showing you what to do. As someone who went into the gym and did the same workouts all the time because I had no clue what the other machines were or what I should be doing I wish I would have started out with a program like this as a beginner. That is not to say this is only for beginners, this program will kick your butt even for those veteran gym goers so don’t expect this to be some stepping stone program to something more your speed. Overall I think you’ll be happy with this program and the results it provides.



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