Sarm Labz Review 2019

This is our review of Sarm Labz, a Florida-based SARMs manufacturer and distributor that aims to provide the market with 100% pure, lab-test and certified selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) for laboratory or research purposes. Their main goal is to provide the best SARMs in the market at a low price, making SARMs more affordable to more researchers.

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Products & ordering

They ship within the continental United States and worldwide, so if you are from another country, you can order from them and have your package shipped internationally.

Take note that all of the SARMs being sold by Sarm Labz are not fit or safe for human consumption, and are only being manufactured and sold for scientific purposes. Sarm Labz offers SARMs in capsule and liquid forms.

The current lineup of capsules is: Mass SARM Stack (YK11, RAD140, LGD4033), Power SARM Stack (YK11, S23, MK677), Shred SARM Stack (S4, Cardarine, Stenabolic SR9009), Andarine S-4, Cardarine GW-501516, Ligandrol LGD-4033, Nutrobal MK-677, Post Cycle Therapy Capsules (Laxogenin, Armistane), S-23, Stenabolic SR-9009, Testolone RAD-140, and YK-11.

Take note that the capsules they have right now are a combination of stand-alone SARMs compounds and stacks or combination of SARMs with different proportions and weights. If you don’t need capsules that contain raw SARM powders, you might be interested in their liquid SARMs: 3-in-1 Mass SARM Stack Liquid (YK11, LGD4033, RAD140), Ligandrol LGD-4033, 3-in-1 Shred SARM Stack Liquid (S4, Cardarine, Stenabolic), Nutrobal MK-677, S-23 Liquid, Stenabolic SR-9009 Liquid, Testolone RAD-140, and YK-11 Liquid.

Sarm Labz accepts the following modes of payment: Bladepayments, major credit cards, Cash App, Google Pay, and Bank Quick Pay via Zellepay. If you wish to pay via bank transfer, you can use Zellepay. Unfortunately the company currently does not accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of SARMs

For more than a decade now, scientific researchers and athletes have been eyeing the potential medical use of SARMs for the purpose of improving strength, muscle mass, etc.

The current line of research suggests that SARMs can create the same effects of anabolic steroids on the human body minus the side effects. What this means is that in studies, the human body will have all the benefits of anabolic steroids minus the androgenic effects that have been associated with serious conditions like roid rage and testicular masses.

Let’s talk about the general health effects of SARMs on the human body based on past medical studies.

Ligandrol has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, which makes it perfect for patients who are suffering from muscle wasting disease. From an athletic point of view, it may be able to assist individuals who want to bulk up or increase the volume of their muscles through body building or general resistance training.

This particular trait of Ligandrol has been identified as one of the reasons why theoretically it is also a good substitute for other stacks when cutting, or reducing overall body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.

Testolone on the other hand has been touted as a “steroid clone” because of its immediate, positive effects on the body. What scientists have observed is that it increases muscular aggression, volume, and strength when a person is exposed to it. This can definitely help bodybuilders theoretically when they need to make big gains by increasing the intensity of their workouts.

To observe the effects on the body it is recommended that during formal studies to start with a lower dose of this SARM, for example, a dose of 10 milligrams per day is sufficient just to observe how it interacts with the person’s body and what he is currently doing to improve his strength and muscle mass.

What about Ostarine? Ostarine has been linked to increased muscular strength, endurance, and improved recovery. What this means is that if the test subject is having a tough time recovering from strenuous movements, he should be able to recover faster and more effectively with the help of Ostarine. In other studies, Ostarine has been used to maintain muscular drive and strength with caloric deficit diets.

Caloric deficits are a natural requirement for health programs where weight loss is required. It is possible to get a sufficient amount of protein, carbohydrates, and a little fat in your diet and still get a caloric deficit (for instance, by reducing the amount of simple sugars in your diet).