SARMS Global Review 2020

This is our review of SARMS Global, a Canadian distributor of SARMs compounds that can be used for research and laboratories.

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According to the company, it is the most competitive when it comes to SARMs pricing online, and is helping increase the availability of SARMs research compounds in Canada and elsewhere. To purchase from the website, you have to enter your email and they will be emailing you with the money transfer details to complete your purchase.

Ordering SARMs

The company primarily accepts eTransfer from financial institutions. No credit card or Bitcoin will be accepted when ordering any chemicals from SARMS Global. Also take note that all purchases will be billed in CAD, and if you are using a different currency, the conversion will automatically take place to match the CAD foreign exchange rate against your local currency.

It’s easy to complete transfers to the company. You can send your eTransfer payment to, using the password ‘sarmsglobal’ if this is required. The following details have to be filled up:

  • Recipient of eTransfer payment:
  • Comment: the email address you used to register to the SARMS Global website
  • Security question: the answer to this would be the name of their website – SARMs Global
  • Security answer: sarmsglobal
  • Shipping location: Your address

Make sure that you fill up all the details so the company can confirm receipt of your payment.

Otherwise, they won’t be able to ship. The company levies a flat rate of $20 on all shipments, but if you are going to order more than 200 CAD, the shipping fee is waived. If you can confirm your order and pay for it before 5 PM, the travel time of the order will be within 24 to 48 hours only.

The online store currently sells the following products: Andarine capsules, Cardarine capsules, Ibutamoren capsules, Ligandrol capsules, Ostarine capsules, Testolone capsules, YK-11 capsules. They also offer these products in liquid form (vials).

As of this writing the purchase of SARMs in Canada is not illegal, though the website makes it explicitly clear that none of their products were designed for human consumption.

If you are ordering from an international location (not Canada), you have to make sure what your local laws say about the purchase and subsequent importation of chemical compounds like SARMs so you won’t come across any difficulties later on after paying for your SARMs.

Do You Need Prescriptions For SARMs?

This being said, if you are from Canada, you do not need any form of medical prescription to buy SARMs as they are not to be used by humans anywhere. However, if you are interested in laboratory work or scientific studies, then you can source them from this company.

Take note that if you are conducting any studies on SARMs, the company will ignore any requests for clinical or scientific information about SARMs as they relate to use in animals or humans.

The reason for this is the company does not want anyone getting the idea that they want people to consume the capsules or liquids as this would constitute misuse of the SARMs.

However, the company does state that the scientific effectiveness of powder capsule SARMs and liquid SARMs are equal or identical. So getting either would be a matter of personal preference, but you will get the same impact on your study.

Some fillers are added to the capsules to stabilize the contents, but the SARMs content itself has guaranteed high purity and no contamination. They are placed in sturdy bottles in packs of 60.

Why Study The Effects of SARMs?

SARMs are now being studied extensively because of the specificity of their effects on androgen receptors in the body. SARMs are being touted as a possible safer alternative to anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids have been linked to numerous health conditions such as adult acne, “roid rage,” breast tissue development in males, testicle shrinkage in males, and many more.

SARMs started out as experimental compounds for cancer patients and other patients who are suffering from bone and muscle wastage.

What makes them special is that SARMs seem to know what anabolic and androgenic are, which means they don’t cause the same type of side effects as anabolic steroids. While minor side effects have been observed, they are nowhere as severe or serious as what anabolic steroids have been known to cause.

Currently, SARMs are still banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency as they are sometimes used to enhance physical performance, build lean muscle mass, improve bone density and strength, and increase strength and stamina. The ability of SARMs to stimulate androgen receptors in muscle tissue and bone tissue are of primary contention with the World Anti-Doping Agency.