Science Bio SARMs Review 2019

Here is our review of Science.Bio, a US company that specializes in the manufacture and sales of biochemical compounds for science and life research.

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The company has been around since 2015, and has been consistently delivering high purity compounds to multinational companies, agencies, medical institutions, and other private entities that delve into the intricacies of the neurosciences, reversal of human aging, and other research that involves SARMs.

The business prides itself in operating on five essential principles: offering the highest purity and grade of biochemicals, excellent customer service, fast and reliable shipping coupled with high quality packaging materials to ensure the safety of the fragile products inside, being a cutting edge source of raw materials for scientific research, and they are also committed to vastly improving their the lineup of products to support the needs of the scientific and manufacturing community for years to come.

The company currently offers the following payment methods for its customers: CPN (digital currencies – they are offering 10% discounts to customers who use this payment method.


They accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and other currently existing digital currencies), ZellePay – Debit Cards in the United States,P2P Payment (Debit Card, United States), GM InstantCheck – eCheck (United States), GM – eCheck (United States), and ICOINXED – MasterCard and Visa (for worldwide orders at an additional 12% fee).

So far the best payment option the way we see it is through digital currencies because this will instantly give you a 10% discount. If not, you can always use bank transfer (which is the most straightforward) and if you happen to live outside the United States, you can always use ICOINEX to have your Visa and MasterCard payments processed.

Science. Bio sells the following products: MK-677, MK-2866, LGD-4033, ITPP, GW501516, RAD140, Andarine, SR9009, NS-189, YK-11, NS-189 Free Base, S-23, Bromentane, Noopept, PRL-8-53, S-Acetyl-L-Glutathione, Adrafinil, TEMPOL, Letrozole, TUDCA Sodium, POO Disodium, Laxogenin, 9-Me-BC, Phenylpiracetam, Colorucetam, Methylene Blue, Unifiram, AC 262-536, DMHA Octodrine, F-Phenibut, Phenibut HCL, Sunifram, and more. Science.Bio sells not just SARMs but a variety of other biochemicals for different fields of research.

According to the company, they are able to sell their products at better prices mainly because they sell to other businesses.

Volume pricing and mass acquisition has allowed them to provide better prices to customers, and everyone benefits in the process. The company also reiterates that they don’t go on smearing campaigns to bog down the competition and instead they focus on just offering good products and adequate customer service to keep buyers happy.

All products from Science.Bio have undergone third party testing (multiple kinds of tests) and they are open to sending these results every time you make a purchase.

The company only uses the services of accredited testing laboratories to ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of the laboratory results that they send out to their customers. To date, the company uses the following tests to ensure the quality and purity of their products: NMR, FTIR, HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, TLC, ICP-MS, Gravimetry, UV-Vis, Titration, Melting Point, and Organoleptics.

Purchasing and shipping

Science.Bio is a US company, but it accepts orders domestically and internationally. According to the company website, it can guarantee that it can send biochemicals across international borders.

In fact, if the package does not make it the first time, they will ship another one on the house. If the second delivery also fails in a similar manner due to customs rejection and other similar problems, they will ship again.

On the third failure, they will issue a refund. This distinguishes Science.Bio plenty from other companies that sell SARMs as many of them have a disclaimer that if something happens en route to your house and it involves customs, they won’t be held responsible. Orders above $250 are ensured so you don’t have to worry about your money.

Once you have confirmed and have paid for your order, you will receive a confirmation email in one to three days. This email will contain information about the package that you will be receiving, as well as the unique tracking information that you will need to do a trace on your package.

You can visit the website of the courier that was used by the company, or you can visit the Track My Order page that is accessible from your account dashboard on the Science.Bio website. In case you have not received your order confirmation email that contains the package details and tracking number, check your spam email as such emails typically land there.