Seiko vs Citizen vs Tissot vs Casio vs Bullova Watches

Buying a new watch to complete your professional look or to aid you in your fitness or sporting endeavors can be challenging if you have no idea about the strengths of the most popular watch brands for men: Seiko vs Citizen vs Tissot vs Casio vs Bullova.

To help you decide, we’ve come up with our own summation of these five heavy contenders.

Seiko Watches

Seiko is considered as one of the pioneers in luxury men’s watches globally, and its current series of men’s watches are still delivering, price-wise and functionality-wise.

We love the fact that Seiko has created multiple tiers for different budgets, so everyone can invest in a nice Seiko watch without breaking the bank. Seiko has also moved away from exclusively stainless steel bands because they are trying to attract new customers in the sports watch market, too.

The Seiko SNE331 Sport Solar Watch has a nylon band and has an easy to read face (large, clear digits, black background), which actually looks good for both sporty endeavors and for the office.

The battery can power the watch for an average of ten months once fully charged, and the watch itself can resist water for up to a depth of 330 feet. Really not a bad deal considering the price of this watch, which makes it a cool, first choice for someone who is just starting to invest in sports watches. Definitely a good first sports watch.

The Seiko SSG010 COUTURA Japanese Quartz Watch may well be the quintessential, modern Seiko. The COUTURA receives standard radio signals from Japan, China, USA, Germany and the United Kingdom, and is water-resistant to up to a depth of 330 feet.

The watch can also auto-correct its calendar to up to December 31, 2099, and has both a manual and automatic reception function. Definitely an ideal watch for folks who frequently traverse different time zones.

Citizen Watches

Citizen men’s watches are highly regarded for their craftsmanship, large timepieces, and the great care that’s been put into the features that make these watches a cut above the rest.

Durable and always fashionable, the current series of Citizen’s watches are on part with Seikos, and there are sports watches and luxury watches galore if you want to buy a new Citizen watch any time soon.

The Citizen Promaster Professional Diver has a solid timepiece with unidirectional bezels and luminous markers. If you’ve worn Eco-Drive watches before, you would know that Citizen prides itself in watches that don’t need battery replacements in order to work. All your watch needs is movement and a bit of light, and you’re good to go.

The mineral dial window is protected by a 48 mm stainless steel case, and the watch is driven by Japanese quartz technology, too.

What we love about this watch is perfectly balances its luxury look and feel with its rugged nylon band, which is perfect for submersion. The Promaster Professional Diver can withstand up to 666 feet, and you can shower, snorkel, and swim with this watch.

Tissot Watches

Tissot is a luxury watch brand from Switzerland and the brand produces watches for both men and women. Tissot’s timepieces for men are first class, and come in a variety of styles that suits various applications, from casual, sporty, to luxury.

Its Swiss chronographs are scratch-resistant, and can withstand submersion to up to 100 feet. The dial windows are often made from sapphire, with the case material being stainless steel.

Tissot excels in making casual watches look luxurious. For example, the Tissot Men’s Quickster Chronograph is made of dark stainless steel, has luminous hands, and three additional subdials.

The genuine leather with buckle closure is a nice touch, and gives an air of luxury to the sapphire-covered timepiece. Definitely a good choice for folks who don’t like wearing stainless steel bracelets. The 42 mm display isn’t a bad size either, and luminous markings are a boon if you’re driving at night.

Casio Watches

Casio is known the world over for its unbeatable G-Shock series of watches. G-Shocks are durable, stylish, and come in a variety of styles that suits every taste.

For those who want the more retro feel of the eighties, there’s the Casio F91W-1 Resin Strapwhich is as simple as you can get with Casios.

The F91W-1 has a stopwatch function, a basic digital display (really streamlined and easy to read, which is signature Casio), and what else can you ask for, if you’re gunning for a basic digital watch?

Casio’s been experimenting a lot with form factors, which would explain why they have an even chunkier version of your run the mill G-Shock: the G-Shock XL.

Price-wise it’s really reasonable, but one can’t help wonder why they’ve made this one beefier than it already is. The King of G-Shock model is definitely a good alternative sports watch if you want something rugged that would not break apart if you accidentally hit it with an axe or something.

All in all, Casio seems to be a good brand to turn to if you has very specific sports watch needs.

Bulova Watches

Bulova is the lone American brand in our gladiatorial match-up of men’s watches, and it’s holding its own pretty well, if you ask us. Bulova’s designs are modern, outgoing, and classy, with bold stencils and displays in a variety of color combinations.

The Bulova Marine Star Chronograph Watch is a classic example of the brand’s great workmanship.

The Marine Star combines a black stainless steel with gold tones, and the timepiece can withstand up to 330 feet of submersion – it can be used for showering and snorkeling, but not deep diving.

The strap is made of silicone, which is awesome for people who can’t tolerate stainless steel bracelets. The Bulova Men’s Automatic has a double-curve mineral face, a self-winding mechanism, and is submersible up to 100 feet.

We recommend Bulova if you’re looking for dress watches, mainly. The variety of designs makes the hunt for a new watch exciting, and the solid build of the timepieces will ensure that your new Bulova watch will be serving you for a long, long time.