Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Oil Review 2020

In this article we’ll be going over our review of Seven Potions Woodland Harmony beard oil.

Beards can either be frightfully sexy and attractive, or the direct opposite. And for millions of men with thick beards of any length, keeping the mane down there tame enough on a daily basis can be challenging. Luckily, there is a specific hair care product designed for caring for beards: beard oil.

Skincare experts have weighed in, and concur that applying special oil tonics to the beard can actually be beneficial. Dermatologists believe that men should pay as much attention to their facial hair as much as the hair they have up there.

About This Beard Oil

Not all products deserve such a long name, but the Woodland Harmony Beard Oil is a notable exception. Seven Potions, the company behind this beard oil, prides itself with possessing the formula for the “best smelling beard oil” in the market.

The Woodland Harmony Beard Oil is for the contemporary bearded gentleman who wants to keep his facial hair healthy and smelling musky and properly masculine all day long. If you love the vibe of the 1950s and the dapper lifestyle of the True Gentleman then, you’ll love this beard oil.

Not every beard oil has its scent game at 100%. We’re happy to report that Seven Potions took extra care in devising the base, middle, and top notes of this beard oil so that it never overpowers the user, and consequently, it doesn’t drive away the ladies, too.

No scent is so good that it will keep people around despite of its high intensity. The game is to keep those musky, woody scents and overtones to a comfortable medium, so you can smell like a rose all day and make people love your new beard oil.

The Woodland Harmony Beard Oil is made from cedar wood oils, sandalwood oils, and a top secret combination of four other essential oils that make it The Bomb of contemporary beard oils. Yes, essential oils. The same essential oils that they use in spas where everything smells like spearmint.

But you won’t smell like spearmint when you use this beard oil. You’re going to smell masculine. Completely manly, with an abundance of Superman and Batman, even. In the 1950s. You get the picture, right?

The Benefits

It would be completely out of character for a man to buy a beard oil just for the smell benefit. We like smelling nice for the ladies, but we need more.

And Woodland Harmony Beard Oil is willing to give you more, just like you on a desperate date night when you haven’t groomed your beard properly, and your date is looking at you with one brow raised.

Applying this beard oil will literally give your unkempt beard a massive, manly makeover. Yes, makeovers can be manly, make no mistake about it. The blend of manly essential oils will revive your dead-looking facial wires and make them look soft and beautifully manly again.

The oil will also reduce flaking and itchiness under the beard, which is a great development if you have been troubled by dandruff and other nasty things under there. Split ends will also be dealt with in due time, as long as you keep using this beard oil.

The Good

Seven Potions is a pretty cool company, and they support the advocacy for cruelty-free and vegan products. Here’s a list of ingredients of the Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Oil:

  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Fragrance
  • Cedar wood oils
  • Crambe abyssinica oils
  • Sandalwood oils
  • Jojoba oils
  • Tocopherol
  • Sweet almond oils

That’s plenty of good in a perfect little bottle of beard oil, and it’s a nice afterthought that you won’t have to buy each one of these just to get the skincare benefits.

Bearded Men Weigh In

We’ve taken a good look at actual user reviews of Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Oil and here’s a summary of what they think of this beard oil:

1. It is effective in taming and controlling unruly and wiry-looking beards, no matter the volume.

2. The beard oil is of a nice and light consistency, which makes it easy to apply on the beard and spread throughout. Great for folks who have never tried skincare before, much less beard care.

3. The natural ingredients feel great on the skin, it’s a mild concoction, so it doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin underneath the beard.

4. It has a smooth and refreshing scent that’s perfect for all-day wear. The smell is appreciated by both females and males. Not overpowering, which is a plus because you don’t want your beard to stink?

5. You can use the beard oil to reduce the inflammation and itching after shaving. We’re talking about the post-razor burn feeling and the itch that occurs when the beard starts growing out again. The blunt tip of the growing hairs are responsible for the itch, and the beard oils makes these itchy hairs softer, reducing the itchiness overall.

6. The beard oil can be used as an alternate concoction for your beard conditioner, especially if your beard is down to your chest already.

What’s the best way to apply beard oil?

If you want to start grooming yourself better with beard oil, here are some easy to remember tips:

1. Apply the beard oil on a daily basis, to help moisturize the beard itself and the skin underneath.

Itchy and infected skin under the beard is no fun, and specially formulated beard oils like the Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Oil can help prevent pimples and itchy spots.

2. Apply the beard oil after bathing or showering. Apply only a light layer and remember to rub the oil into the hair and skin underneath.

3. You may use the beard oil as a styling agent, and it would be a good idea to grab an appropriate wooden beard brush to help your beard along.