Male Body Grooming: Should Men Shave Their Chest & Arms

Male Body Grooming: Should Men Shave Their Chest & Arms

There was a time where men would be straight up ridiculed by his fellow man and probably women as well if he was found out to shave his chest or anywhere on his body (maybe not the back).

This came from men are suppose to have hair on their bodies type of minds which I do agree we are made this way. With that being said some men are just more hairier than others to which it would be a reason for women to turn you down.

With mens fashion/grooming becoming more popular every year male body grooming has become a common thing nowadays but I still read many questions on the internet of guys asking if they will get made fun of and should they shave their chest/arms?

This is why I decided to write this article because the internet is the place where men will turn to find this sort of answer because it allows them to keep their anonymity while researching this ‘taboo’ topic.

Is It Ok For Men To Shave Their Chest?

Very rarely do I see a guy with the perfect amount of chest hair to where it looks manly but still very mild to where women wouldn’t approve. It’s usually either no chest hair or to much, very rarely do you see an in between.

Well if you’re part of the unfortunate bunch who has to much chest hair (myself included) then you have few options. Option A would be shave it and Option B would be keeping it trimmed like you do with facial hair.

Option B is something many men do and shaving companies have begun selling specific products solely for this reason.

The only downside here is that it can be a time commitment having to do this so often to keep it at a good length. On the flip side with Option A it will last you much longer because not only do you get it shaved all the way down but after it grows for a few weeks it can still look good because it’s reaching the part where most men usually keep their chest trimmed length wise.

A simple way to look at it. If shaving your chest gets you more women or your lady likes it more which usually will run into more bedroom time then go for it.

If your boys make fun of you then simply tell them much more you get laid since you started shaving it.

It’s a very non defensive approach that twists it from throwing the gay jokes out at you to telling them it has the polar opposite effect of you getting more poon.

Well What About Arms, Is It Okay For Men To Shave Their Arms?

There are certain areas that are okay to shave but shaving your entire arms usually doesn’t fly and even ladies might call you out on it (seen it many times). Like I said though there are some areas where it’s fine to shave. Those areas are the underneath side of your forearm and the upper arm (from your elbow area upwards).

Not many guys have hair on the bottom side of their forearm but those that do feel free to shave this because not many people would notice because you hardly see anyone with hair here.

Hair above the elbow up the arm is also fair game to shave in my opinion.

This is another area where you don’t notice to many guys with hair but if you do it usually looks bad (especially with dark hair).

Don’t Go Overboard With Shaving

What I mean by this is don’t start shaving your chest, arms then go crazy wanting to shave everything on your body because you think it will look better.

Common area where it is OK would be chest, arms, back, neck and your face of course. Starting to shave areas like your legs will be to much in terms of man grooming.

Overall every person you’re going to run into will have a different view on whether they believe it’s acceptable for men to shave anything but their faces but that’s just part of it so don’t overthink it if someone has a negative opinion on you doing this because the next 10 people would probably agree with you on doing it.