SOG Barrage Tactical Internal Frame Backpack Review

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In this post we’ll be seeing our review of the SOG Barrage Tactical Internal Frame Backpack.

Hunting in the woods or having any outdoor activity is surely a lot of fun as you get closer to nature. But just before you head on to your adventure, make sure that you pack all of the necessary things that you need including your gear and other valuables.

And to ensure that your personal items are properly placed and organized, you cannot just buy any bag.

Find one that has a huge compartment, has various pockets and storage options and other essential features for people who are on the go.

Pros And Cons Of The SOG Barrage Tactical Backpack


  • Has A Sturdy And Durable Design That Is Perfect To Weather Any Condition Which Makes It A Good Choice For Outdoor And Extreme Adventures
  • Can Be Used Even On A Daily Basis
  • Comes With Different Storage Options, A Big Main Compartment And Other Pockets Where You Can Organize All Of Your Items And Gear
  • The Shoulder Straps Are Padded And Adjustable So You Can Just
  • You Can Bring Any Item You Need To Take With You As This Bag Has A Big Space Inside Enough To Store Even Your Bulky Items, Accessories And Other Personal Stuff.
  • Features 180 Access Zipper Opening Which Makes It Easy For You To Open And Bring Out The Things You Need
  • Can Give You Enough Space As It Has A Capacity Of 3924 Cubic Inches
  • There Are Various Internal Zippered Pockets Where You Can Put Your Accessories And Other Things
  • You Can Adjust The Padded Shoulder Straps For A Higher Level Of Comfort
  • Its Yoked Shoulder Strap System Makes It Easy To Carry The Bag As It Can Balance The Weight
  • Has Padded Support Belt So It Can Fit Anyone


  • The Bag Is A Bit Too Large For Some.
  • Hydration Compatible Although You Need To Purchase It Separately
  • It Is Not The Most Stylish Bag That You Can Find.

The SOG Barrage Tactical Internal Frame Backpack is a classic and well-designed backpack that is specifically created for the outdoors and for extreme adventures.

This bag showcases a MOLLE equipped main compartment that comes with various storage pockets inside.

When you carefully look at the specifics of this product, it has a lot of other nice features that you do not usually find in regular bags.

Is this the right bag pack for you?

Whenever you buy a bag, you do not just look at the design but you also look at the material used, its functionality, storage options and other features.

Let’s take a look at its features.

Product Features

At first glance, the SOG Barrage already exudes a solid design, a nice craftsmanship with good seams and strong zippers that you know can last for long.

It has an internal aluminum stay and a top carry handle for easy and comfortable grip.

The bag is made of 600 Denier Nylon and has a capacity of 3924 inches.

SOG Barrage is a well-crafted bag that is designed for the outdoors.

This is the kind of backpack that you won’t have any troubles carrying wherever you go as it can go through different conditions.

Not only is it a durable backpack, it also gives you stability as it comes with yoked shoulder straps and padded waist belt.

So, even when you are on the go or even under extreme or unpredictable condition, your personal belongings are in place.

Another feature of this bag is that it has a quick release buckle. SOG Barrage can easily fit it to anyone.

The bag comes with an extra big main compartment that features various internal storage options that are zippered.

Inside its main compartment, you can find 5 different storage pockets that can hold loose items.

The piggyback compartment gives you storage solutions and this is secured with 4 compression straps.

This is where you can store bulky items like helmet, jacket, etc.

Given a large space where you secure your personal things, you can be sure that your items are well-kept and that they are organized so when you need to look for something you can easily find it.

With its front accessory pocket, you won’t have a hard time organizing your accessories.

You can put your eye wear safely with its pouch and you can also secure any electronic device.

This backpack makes it a whole lot easier for you to secure your things and to make sure that they are completely organized.

The bag has hydration hose ports on both sides that come with Velcro closures.


From its design, built to its features, there’s a lot that is in store for you in deciding to go for the SOG Barrage Internal Frame Backpack.

Although this bag might be large for some, there are others who prefer this size especially since it can store tons of stuff inside.

What is important is that it is a value for money backpack that can has essential features like multiple storage options, durable and zippered pockets where you can safely put any of your items that you want to bring when you go out on a hike or hunt or even in your regular day to day activities.

If you are looking for a solid backpack for different use whether it is for an outdoor activity or for regular use, this is a nice choice.