Best Standing Desks Under $100 In 2020

Whether you’re serious about standing up while working or you are just curious as to whether or not it would actually work, there’s a relatively inexpensive standing desk that is perfect for your workspace waiting for you.

This is our rundown of the best standing desks under $100.

SHW Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk Converter

The SHW is surprisingly well-built for its price point and features a sleek design, a wide work surface and additional spaces for speakers and a central block for mobile phones. There is sufficient space for two standing monitors, as well as a separate shelf for the keyboard and mouse.

The X-frame construction looks sturdy and built for long-term use, and the dark finish of the wooden panel is suitable for most offices or home offices. The easy to operate mechanism for increasing or reducing the height is also a plus, especially if you aren’t used to standing up while working.

All in all we give this desk a solid five out of five because of its streamlined design and durable craftsmanship – definitely not a bad choice for your first standing desk converter. The footprint also looks stable and you should experience any wobbling while typing or working on it.

FITUEYES Height Adjustable Standing Desk Gas Spring Riser Desk Converter

For such an incredibly minimalistic desk converter, the FITUEYES desk converter actually has its own gas spring riser mechanism or adjusting its height. With this desk, you will be able to easily stand or sit on your workspace, depending on your needs

The mechanism is operated by a light lever that makes height adjustment pretty easy. Simply reach for the end of the desk and apply just a little bit of pressure to release the desk or increase the height of the work surface. The desk also has a nice, wide working surface for one monitor and a laptop, and other basic peripherals you might need while working.

This desk emphasizes less space, so it should be considered a minimalistic desk converter. The keyboard goes on top of the main workspace along with the display. The main desk measures 30” x 20”, and can handle up to two standing displays or monitors. The assembly rises to a maximum of 16.1” and can go as low as 2.2.”, which makes this desk converter ideal for all heights.

SDADI 2 Inches Carpet Wheels Mobile Standing Desk

If you are in the market for a full standing desk with at least two levels, we recommend the SDADI mobile standing desk. It is lightweight, so it should be easy to move around, and has a total of two levels. The lower shelf would be the space for your keyboard and mouse, and all other peripherals and accessories, while the topmost shelf would be for your displays.

The height of the topmost shelf is adjustable (manually) by unlocking the clips behind the risers. The height of the table can be adjusted from its minimum of 27.5” to a maximal height of 45.3”. The height of the risers has been designed to fit the needs of average male and female users.

It’s also possible to lower the topmost shelf to the level of the first shelf so that you can have a full-sized table for seated work. Either way, you have a very versatile mobile standing desk here.

The desk has been manufactured with 2-inch ABS mute wheels that can be locked to keep the table still while working in any fashion. Supported by a 1.2 mm steel frame, the table is rustproof and perfect for any home or office environment.

BRIGHT STONE Standing Desk

The BRIGHT STONE Standing Desk is an ideal choice for students and home office owners who want a simple and easy to operate desk converter. The design emphasizes stability while working, but the overall frame is not too heavy, which makes it easy to move around and store.

The desk converter also feature a quick-raise mechanism, which means you can work either seated or standing up you wouldn’t have to worry about raising or lowering the main work surface from where you are seated (or standing).

The desk’s vertical adjustment has a range of 2.36” to 16.1”, and the table itself measures a nice 20.1” x 31.5”, which provides generous space for one large display or monitor and one other additional large device, such as a slim laptop.

The steel frame of the table can support up to 12 kilograms of load once fully assembled and has a modern, fashionable appearance that should blend in easily with any space. The BRIGHT STONE Standing Desk also comes fully assembled and ready to use, straight from the box.

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk

This is a special type of desk converterthat we thought would be a fine addition to our list of best standing tables under $100. We know that many folks actually work with their laptops and not everyone has a great need for really large or wide desk converters.

If you have just one laptop and you don’t have any peripherals and accessories like a mouse and keyboard, then we recommend Executive Office Solutions’ laptop desk. The desk is especially designed to handle any kind of laptop as it is vented and is supported by a three-joint system that allow you to change the tilt and height of the desk easily.

The scissor-type construction of the legs also ensures ultimate comfort and stability while working, and the extra shelf on the right side of the table is perfect if you want to use a mouse or just want a space for your mobile phone while you are working.

This laptop desk is easy to carry and can even be used as a portable dinner tray or a surface for gadgets like projectors and speakers. Since it’s small, it’s actually quite versatile in use, so we like that versatility, definitely. And did we tell you that it also has nonslip feet, so nothing slips and falls over when you are making vertical adjustments?