Best Standing Desks for A Tall Person 2020

Getting into the groove of standing while working but your table is simply too low for comfort? We have you covered. This is our personal selection of the best standing desks for tall folks.

While desk risers or standing desks seem to look alike, there are differences in craftsmanship that will affect the final experience of the user.

Note that these are all standing desks that are to go on top of your regular desk. These aren’t ones that can sit in the floor and it be the entire desk function.

If your’re looking for one of those then check out something like this desk, unfortunately it will be hard to find one like that will work for tall people.

FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk – 47 Inch

The FlexiSpot M3B stands out from the crowd with its extra wide table space, at 47”, which is enough for dual monitors. So if you are working with dual monitors, your two displays will fit here nicely.

FlexiSpot has also figured in a single-handle design that makes it easier for folks to make adjustments to the height of the table.

The buzzword here is safety while operating the table: you wouldn’t want to tip over the displays while adjusting the height. The table also has to be stable during the adjustment.

You will never have to use both hands just to stabilize the table and increase/decrease its height while working. You also will not require extra force to achieve the desired height as the mechanism basically does everything for you.

The sturdy base of the FlexiSpot M3B does not shift while you make adjustments, as it has its own sliding footprint that is very self-contained, which adds to the overall convenience of using this great table.

The quick release keyboard also features a wider space so to accommodate larger keyboards and mousepads.

Ergonomic keyboards tend to be longer and wider than regular keyboards, so if you already have one such keyboard, you wouldn’t have to worry about any part of your keyboard sliding off while you are working.

And best of all, this table is perfect for all heights so whether you are a five footer or a six footer, you can take advantage of a total of twelve different height levels to achieve the optimum, comfortable height for working while standing up.

TaoTronics 36” Adjustable Standing Desk

Featuring a slightly narrower construction compared to the FlexiSpot M3B is TaoTronics’ 36” Adjustable Standing Desk.

Aesthetically, we love the blockier, linear look of the TT desk, and we also noticed that the keyboard area was built to be ergonomic and easy on the wrists, too.

The maker states that with this desk riser, you can comfortably transition from a seated position to a standing one instantly, whenever you want.

The wide table can easily be adjusted with little effort, and it also has a total of twelve different height settings to choose from, which makes this table friendly to all folks of different heights.

The desk also comes with a robust and shake-resistant framework, which means your display is safe, even if you go up to having a dual monitor assembly.

The surface of the table measures 36” x 23” and it can accommodate either two displays or two laptops. The table also comes with a great three year warranty.

Casiii Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The Casiii Height Adjust Standing Desk features a solid construction with a more traditional-looking keyboard area, and a thicker and more solid design for the feet of the table.

The maker prides itself in creating powerful, ergonomic solutions, and this table will definitely help transform your workplace so you can begin working while standing up.

The Casiii Height Adjustable Standing Desk comes with a single-motion height adjustment feature, but what makes this table unique from the others is the dual gas spring force utilized to lower and raise the level of the table, which brings the effort needed to operate the table to almost none.

This is a huge feat considering that all standing desks are basically mechanical, with no electronic controls whatsoever. The clearance for this desk is 6.5” to 16”.

The surface of the table measures 32” x 22”, and this provides plenty of awesome space for up to two monitors, and you can even mix it up by bringing your PC monitor up and another laptop, whatever is more fitting.

Also comes with a limited three year warranty from the manufacturer.

Rocelco 46” Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

When you need more hardware up on your standing desk, you need to have the right features to accommodate those displays.

This is where the Rocelco 46” Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter comes in. This unique workstation riser was designed to support a whopping three full-sized PC displays all at once.

It also has an ultra wide 46” x 23.62” table that can hold up to two large displays at once, and three displays with the deluxe floor stand attachment, which is sold separately.

The table also has an oversized keyboard tray measuring 25.6” x 11”, which is sufficiently wide for even a regular keyboard.

So in total, you can load three displays and maybe two to three different laptops on the Rocelco desk converter if you need to.

They have also added a nice grommet hole on the desk so you can easily organize your cables – just make sure you get an additional floor mount if you want to use more than two PC displays, okay?

VIVO Single Top Adjustable 32” Standing Desk Converter

Manufactured by mobile company VIVO, we took notice of this single desk converter because of the simplicity of its design and the streamlined look it has that’s perfect for minimalists.

It is an ultra-slim working station that’s easy to move around, is lightweight, and is perfect if you just have one display to move around anyway.

It has a 32” x 21.3” desk surface, which easily accommodates one display (or two small ones) and a keyboard and mouse.

The lifting mechanism moves vertically efficiently, which prevents the nasty wobbling that can shift stuff on the desk (which can be quite dangerous because of the height).

The table comes assembled straight from the box, and you can begin using it the moment it arrives on your doorstep.

VIVO also offers a limited three year warranty on their standing desk converter, which makes it a really good deal.