Win Using the Seduction Code

We often think of seduction in negative terms: but in reality, seduction is more closely tied to persuasion and influence than we had imagined.

So let’s redefine what seduction is: seduction is being able to influence people with how you look, speak, and project yourself.

The Seduction Code is a set of principles and lifestyle changes that you are going to carry out to make sure that you will be at your most irresistible when you socialize with other people.

Whether it’s for intimacy, romance, business, or just getting what you want from life, the Seduction Code will be extremely helpful.

Code 1: Exude Confidence

Confidence is more than just about looking handsome or pretty. Confidence is actually a state of mind, more than anything, which is why you can’t really pretend to be confident, you just have to be. So where do we begin when building confidence?

The first thing that you should do is to take stock of how you socialize with others. The next time you speak to another person, take note of your body posture, the way you speak, the speed of your speech, etc. List all of these down in a journal.

When you get home, take a good look at your observations and ask yourself: if you were to meet and talk to yourself right now, what would you say? Would you feel the confidence just oozing from the other person? Would you feel that you are in the presence of someone who is surefooted, and knows what he wants?

If the answer is mostly no, it’s time to change some things. Go back to your list and draw up a picture of yourself that you feel is the real you, the more confident you.

For example, if you have a tendency to avoid eye contact with the other person, you can choose to hold natural eye contact to be more engaging. It is a continuous learning process, but it is extremely doable because you’re dealing with your own small habits that make up the whole.

Code 2: Be the Authority

Authority figures are well-respected and command the attention of everyone in any situation. It’s important that in every situation, you become the beacon of authority. How do you do this?

Being an authority figure has everything to do with how you project confidence to others. Confidence is not strained, nor is it forced. You communicate with a certain air of ease that tells people: relax, you are in the presence of authority.

Other traits of authority figures that you may want to add to your repertoire are:

1. Dominance – Authority figures are larger than life. People are willingly pulled into their aura of power. They speak, and everyone just wants to listen. They give their ideas and people agree, even before they’ve given the ideas a lot of thought.

2. Empathy – Contrary to what others think, authority figures are actually empathic. They care what other people might be thinking, and they use this information to make themselves more appealing and trustworthy. The point of being an authority figure in the first place is to get people to trust you more.

3. Clear and Straightforward Communication – Authority figures speak their mind, and rarely beat around the bush. They know what they want, and are not afraid to communicate these desires to people. Some people shy away from frankness thinking that it might ruin their reputation, but in reality, the people who strive to be authority figures end up being followed more.

4. They Stand Their Ground – Authority figures know their limits, but they also know how to stand their ground. They cannot be manipulated easily, and they only know how to compromise and to make strategic concessions while keeping their interests in mind.

Code 3: The Win-Win Situation

True seduction is all about making the other party feel that she’s also winning.

Whether you’re aiming for intimacy or some other desired outcome, it’s important to always create the right conditions for a win-win situation to occur. Sure, you can get away with tricking people – but for how long? Eventually, your reputation is going to catch up with you.

True seduction, and ultimately, influence is all about ensuring that people who give their trust to you aren’t wasting their time.

Language has a lot to do with the process of convincing other people that it is a win-win situation for all parties concerned. You need to speak as a leader – as someone who is taking care of the herd. Remember that old adage on herd mentality? It’s true. People will gravitate toward natural leaders, and people who seem to have everyone’s interest in mind.

Use active listening techniques to find out what matters the most to the people you are trying to influence. There’s plenty to be learned through active listening.

By making your subject or listener the center of your interaction, you are going to be a natural rock start with determining what makes people really tick, and what makes them agree. This brings us to the next code…

Code 4: The Yes Set

The easiest way to defuse tension and resistance during a conversation is by making sure that the other person agrees with you no matter. You can do this by phrasing statements and questions in a series, to set the right conditions for continuous agreement.

Starting with mundane things, and progressively layering the conversation to lead it to where you really want to go, you will be able to seduce the subject to thinking that there must be consistency – he or she has to agree with you, because that’s what she did before.

This is a classic seduction technique that’s actually quite hypnotic because people will get into this mental state where they can’t help but agree with what you say, even if they’re no longer processing everything.

We’re sure you’ve been in this situation in the past, too: when someone is so good in speaking that you become so enthralled, that you find everything being given to you so irresistible. This is the true power of seduction.