Best Standing Desks for A Three Monitor Home Office 2020

The more displays you have, the more productive you can get: this much we know.

When you are shifting to a standing disk, we know having three displays is going to be a pain in the neck because the majority of standing desks are built for a maximum of two displays only.

But don’t fret: your displays will have a home if you are serious about working or gaming with three displays while standing up because we have create our own “best of” list of incredible three-monitor home office standing desks.

Mount-It! Triple Monitor Electric Standing Desk Converter

Mount-It! is a standing desk converter designed to hold up to three digital displays at once. The table offers premium, top of the line features that you might not expect from other standing desks or desk converters that you have used in the past.

This desk features a large working surface and measures 28.3” x 18.9”, and this space can be used for your keyboard and accessories. There’s plenty of space available, should you need a separate laptop along with your three displays.

The desk is designed with a triple VESA compatible monitor mount that easily tilts, swivels, and rotates depending on your needs while working.

The maximum monitor size that the mount can accommodate is 32”, and the table is also compatible with much larger mounts should you want to upgrade your desk converter: the VESA 100mm 3.9” – VESA 75 mm 3”.

This desk is also completely ergonomic which should help folks who are suffering from back and shoulder soreness from working all day while being seated.

Mount-It! also comes with its own electric motor that allows for push-button adjustment of the mount (vertical). The desk has a heavy duty motor that is super quiet and has a total load capacity of 55 lbs. for moving the loaded display mount.

Stand Steady Techtonic Electric 3 Arm Monitor Mount Standing Desk

Techtonic has really outdone itself with this electric 3-arm monitor mount standing desk. The mount itself is thick and sturdy, which ensures safety for all three displays should you decide to use all three brackets.

The work surface is average, but the extended keyboard area is something to look forward to especially if you like to put a lot of stuff on your desk while working, like your mobile phone, or even a book or two. Keyboard space is definitely something we all need to be able to work comfortably.

The desk has a total of three levels (that’s one extra level compared to other brands) and provides 6.5 square feet of extra space for the main work area.

The installed mount is flexible and adaptable, and will allow you to work with all your monitors at the exact height that you need them to be. The mounts support 24” inch monitors.

The desk itself has a modest footprint measuring 31.25” x 20”, which should allow you to place it on almost every kind of table or surface where you need to. And best of all, the adjustment mechanism is simple and easy to operate.

Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55 Inch Standing Desk with 55 Inch Clamp on Shelf – Easy Crank Design

If you don’t want a mounted-type desk for your three displays, Stand Steady offers another variant for people who want to use a standing desk ASAP – the Tranzendesk.

This massive standing desk is not a desk converter – it is a full sized standing desk that is ready to use and it is designed to promote ergonomic use of computers and improve productivity and focus in your work.

Perfect for office spaces, the desk is designed to bring all monitors or displays at eye level when standing up, which helps eliminate shoulder soreness, neck pain, and back pains.

This is a super talk desk that operates with a smooth crank mechanism that allows you to move the entire desk upward from the level of the leg supports.

The height of this desk goes from 29 inches all the way up to 46 inches, and can easily be used by tall persons, even those whose height is 6’4”.

The Tranzendesk comes with a clamp-on shelf that is as wide and long as the main work surface. This clamp on shelf can be used for your keyboard and other working or gaming accessories.

The desk shelf has an additional tilt mechanism that you can use to adjust it inward or outward, depending on your needs.

Overall you will have a work surface of over three square feet. Perfect for nearly all working needs.

AITERMINAL Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter with Triple Monitor Mount Monitor Arm

AITERMINAL’s vision of a desk converter makes a turn for the futuristic because of their sleek and minimalistic design. This should be an easy choice for people who want clean lines and lots of space while working in their office.

The desk comes with a super quiet electric motor that takes care of the vertical movement when you are adjusting the height of the monitors.

There will be no additional strain on your part when you use the table and there’s not even a need to turn a crank. All vertical adjustments are done through button-controlled electric mechanism, and there are a total of two shelves that you can use all your work needs.

The generous main working shelf can easily accommodate three displays and additional laptops if need be. The desk comes with its own standard VESA Mount that can handle 15”-19” monitors easily. Simply mount the monitors, plug in, and you a ready to go.

The desk truly encourages people to get organized and to work with a clean work space, for more productivity. There are also extra levels when you elevate the monitor area so you can have extra space for your accessories and gadgets, too.

When choosing a new table, consider if you want a desk converter or a full sized standing desk.