Best Smelling Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne Fragrances For Men 2019

n this article we’ll be looking at the top Ralph Lauren polo colognes, focusing on these fragrances: Polo Blue Vs Polo Red Vs Polo Black Vs Polo Sport Vs The Original Polo.

When searching for a signature fragrance that suits your personality and lifestyle, for sure one way or another you might have come across any of the fragrances offered by Ralph Lauren.

This highly famous and globally renowned brand has been around for years and they are already a household name in the cologne industry.

The brand has proven time and again that they are not just producing the best clothing for men but as well as fragrances.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Cologne

Categorized as an aromatic fougere fragrance, the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue was launched way back in 2003.

Created by Christophe Laudamiel and Carlos Benaim, the fragrance has a very clean and fresh scent that reminds you of the beautiful summer days.

The second wave of the cologne gives you the combination of spicy and warm notes that add strength to its over-all composition.

When you smell its fragrance, you will notice that it has fruity notes but it still comes out as a very manly scent.
It is not too light but it is also not too strong to the point that it becomes overbearing.

Top notes include cucumber, mandarin orange and melon. The heart of the fragrance includes geranium, sage and basil. The base notes that add depth to its scent gives you musk, suede and woodsy notes.

The longevity of the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue is good so even if you have a really long day, you know that the scent you are wearing will still hold after long hours.

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport For Men

Released in 1994, the Ralph Lauren Polo Sport is a combination of sporty florals, a scent that gives you this fresh and warm feeling.

Created by Harry Fremont, this cologne is a perfect mixture of various notes that include amber, musk, sandalwood, rose, jasmine, seagrass, ginger, lemon, bergamot, neroli, orange,mint, mandarin, lavender and guaiac wood.

It has this classic scent that is sexy and very appealing without trying too hard. Compared to the other fragrances launched by the brand, the Ralph Lauren Polo Sport for Men has a sporty and striking scent which make it a perfect choice for the outdoors.

This cologne is a scent that is a great to go type of fragrance that men would surely love. The lasting power of the cologne is also excellent which only means that a few sprays will have a long way to go.

Polo By Ralph Lauren for Men

A classic fragrance that was released in 1978 and is one of the two very first colognes released by the brand, it celebrates the timeless and elegance of the brand, the Polo by Ralph Lauren for Men Eau de Toilette Natural Spray that blends leather, wood and natural fragrances that give it a striking, classic and sensual appeal.

It has this masculine scent that is refreshing and not too strong as it perfectly blends leather and tobacco wood giving you that energetic aroma.

This timeless scent makes use of different herbals that give life to its refreshing and energizing scent like oakmoss, patchouli, tobacco, basil and chamomile. The opening of this scent is very fresh and green.

The top notes for this cologne make use of cloves, coriander, cumin and Artemisia. Middle notes include vetiver, oakmoss, patchouli and conifer woods. Base notes include thyme, tobacco and leather.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Cologne

Characterized as bold and fierce, the Ralph Lauren Polo Red is the embodiment of the fierce qualities of red: strong, audacious and energetic. This scent belongs to one of the relatively new fragrances released in the market that was launched in 2013.

Developed by Olivier Gillotin, Ralph Lauren Polo Red is marketed as a strong and aromatic fragrance that is energizing and invigorating to the senses.

Top notes make use of cranberry, red grapefruit and lemon juice giving you that citrus and berry notes combination followed by the heart of this fragrance that uses red sage, lavender and red saffron. The base notes used include hot amber, red wood and coffee beans.

What you will like about this scent is that it exudes strength and masculinity of men not to mention that it has excellent staying power. The scent really holds well for long hours.

Ralph Lauren Polo Black Cologne

Launched in 2005, the Ralph Lauren Polo Black was created by Pierre Negrin.

Packaged in a simple and charismatic design, this cologne is marketed as a woody aromatic scent that features notes of sandalwood, tonka beans, patchouli, sage, tangerine, lemon and mango.

The spicy and woody scent that is backed with its citrus and fruity notes give this fragrance the perfect blend, a scent that is just moderate and yet very striking and manly.

Will all the ingredients in harmony, the cologne gives you a great projection which makes it a great choice of scent for any occasion.

The only drawback is that its longevity is not long lasting when compared to other choices. But aside from that, this cologne fares really well especially in terms of composition and projection.


Ralph Lauren, the creator and the founder of the multi-billion enterprise, continuously works with master perfumers to give its consumers top of the line scents that best fits their personal style and needs.

After the initial success of the brand’s very first fragrance, it was then succeeded with a series of more product lineup of signature fragrances that up until now are still dubbed to be top favorites.

For years, their fragrances have stood the test of time from creating classical scents to adopting to modern trends, there is always that one Ralph Lauren Cologne that fits a person one way or another.

With all these amazing fragrances, which one to get?

It can be quite difficult to choose because at the end of the day, it is your personal preference that matters. Choose and wear the scent that you think best suits your personality and lifestyle.