John Varvatos Star USA Mens Cologne Review 2019

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • 80%

  • Smell
    Editor: 93%
  • Lastability
    Editor: 94%
  • Womens Opinion
    Editor: 93%
  • Uniqueness
    Editor: 90%

In this article we’ll be looking at my review of the John Varvatos Star USA mens cologne fragrance.

Long before I wasn’t still into buying colognes, it was so difficult for me to choose which one to buy. I would usually try going for distinctive fragrances.

Some would end up being disappointed but most of the time it made me feel good knowing that I made the right choice.

After that I came to realize that sometimes finding a type of scent that is slightly different from mainstream isn’t so bad at all. And so, this is my opinion of the John Varvatos Star USA.

Pros And Cons Of Varvatos Star USA Cologne


  • A Signature Fragrance From No Other Than John Varvatos So You Can Only Expect A Good Smelling Fragrance From This Brand
  • Has This Oriental And Spicy Scent That Has Just The Perfect Blend
  • A Modern Type Of Scent That Is Not Too Strong
  • Perfectly Suitable For Urban Men Who Are Into Rugged Styles
  • The Cologne Smells Really Good Since It Has A Casual And Clean Scent Which Makes It Wearable Anytime And Anywhere


  • Some Say It Does Not Have A Distinct Scent

Product Description

Known to be as the very first scent of the Star USA collection, John Varvatos released the Star USA Eau de Toilette Spray in partnership with Elizabeth Arden.

The cologne was launched in September 2011 and it is an entirely different cologne from the previous fragrances.

John Varvatos Star USA takes a risk in creating a type of fragrance that is tailored fit for urban men, those who like rugged style.

And so after the ideas of creating a cologne that is modern and has an unconventional appeal, John Varvatos Star USA came to life. It was made by Rodrigo Flores-Roux following the Varvatos’ ideas of taking risks.

The top notes for this cologne are cedrat, juniper berries and Laos red ginger. The middle notes include osmanthus, green cardamom and blue spruce. Base notes make use of belambre, Venezuela tonka and vetiver.

Composition: The fragrance opens up with that rich oriental and spicy scent that I find really interesting. I like classic fragrances, those that exude elegance but there is something about this cologne that makes it a good smelling fragrance in its own right.

It does not come out way too strong. In fact, it is just casual and very relaxed giving you that clean and fresh scent that you find in most modern fragrances today.

What I find really interesting whenever I smell this cologne is that I could smell the perfect blend of vetiver and red ginger. The rest of the ingredients go harmoniously which gives you that clean scent cologne that you will surely love.

Best Use: This cologne is very versatile. You can wear it anywhere you go and at any time of the day. Since it has this fresh, casual and relaxed scent, you don’t have to worry if your scent comes out too strong.

It is very masculine but it is not overpowering which is something that a lot of men would also like. The scent is laid back but still smells great compared to other fragrances previously launched by the brand.

Longevity: When it comes to longevity, this is far by one of the best. It is super long lasting. A few sprays can go a long way. So even if you are on the go and you have a really long day, you will still smell good after the day ends.

Final Verdict

Selecting a good fragrance is easy give a wide range of options with varying types of scents coming from different brands. But what’s difficult is finding a great smelling scent that best suits your personal taste.

The John Varvatos Star USA might not be the best cologne in the sense that it is not the kind of scent that will really give you that distinct and unique fragrance.

But there are so many things that you will like about this cologne. It appeals to men from all ages especially the young men who want unconventional and rugged style, those who like it casual and would wear jeans.

The oriental and spicy scent of this cologne has just the right blend. It is manly enough, not too strong.

Some may have a slightly different opinion but everyone would agree that it has a clean and masculine scent that men would appreciate. Plus, this cologne lasts for hours which makes it a great choice for daily wear.

Will I repurchase? Definitely!