Versace L’ Homme For Men Cologne Review 2019

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • 80%

  • Smell
    Editor: 92%
  • Lastability
    Editor: 95%
  • Womens Opinion
    Editor: 91%
  • Uniqueness
    Editor: 93%

In this article we’ll be looking at my review of the Versace L’ Homme For Men cologne fragrance.

With the Versace brand being in the business for years, you can only expect the best from this reputable and globally renowned brand whether it is in the fashion or cologne industry.

For years, they have been known to create and launch amazing fragrances for men. In fact, many of their previous products are still top favorites and are now considered as classic fragrances just like the Versace L’ Homme for Men.

Although I am more into colognes that are playful and have modern twists, I find the Versace L’ Homme a nice cologne especially if you are into classic fragrances.

Pros And Cons Of Versace L’ Homme Mens Cologne


  • A Classic Signature Fragrance That Smells Great And Has A Nice Projection On The Skin
  • Perfectly Combines Woody, Warm And Spicy Notes Give You A Very Masculine Yet Strikingly Elegant Type Of Scent
  • Very Versatile In A Sense That You Can Wear It For Casual Or Even For Business Wear
  • Does Not Smell Too Strong Even If It Is A Classic Fragrance Since The Ingredients Have Just The Right Blend
  • The Scent Is Simply Long Lasting


  • Younger Men Don't Seem To Like It As Much As Those Who Are Older

Product Description

Versace L’ Homme for Men was released in 1986. It was part of the original men’s fragrances that was developed by Gianni Versace.

This cologne is categorized as a classic fragrance that is warm, spicy and woody. It gives you that fresh scent that can transition from daily casual to business wear.

The top notes used for this cologne include basil, green notes, lemon zest, bergamot, petit grain and pimento. The middle notes are cinnamon, cedar wood, carnation, jasmine, sandalwood, rose and patchouli followed by trail of rich leather, vanilla, tonka bean, musk, amber, labdanum and oak moss.

Composition: The composition of this cologne is good which makes it a classic piece. The moment the fragrance opens up, you can already smell the fresh, warm, and spicy scents that come along with the use of certain ingredients like lemon zest, pimento, green notes, etc.

The scent is then followed by the combination of woody and floral note which gives you just the right blend. As the scent goes deep into the dry down, you can sense the musky, amber and vanilla notes adding depth to this cologne.

The perfect blending and mixture of the following notes give rise to a classic fragrance that has a very aromatic scent and suitable for any occasion.

Best Use: The Versace L’ Homme is a classic fragrance not just because it smells great but it is also a perfect choice if you are looking for a signature cologne that you can use for any occasion.

What I like about this scent is that it is very versatile. I can use it for casual occasions but I can also wear it if I have business meetings which is a plus point for this cologne because it is the type of scent that is suitable for any use.

Longevity: When it comes to the longevity, I find the L’ Homme long lasting. I have tried it a couple of times where I had to do a lot of errands under the heat of the summer sun and I was completely amazed how the scent stayed after long hours. On top of that, I only need to put on a few sprays and that will be enough.


There are just a lot of things to love about the Versace L’ Homme cologne and one can easily find the reasons why it is considered to be a classic fragrance, the kind of scent that is timeless.

I myself is not a fan of classic scents because I am more into modern type of fragrance but even then I cannot deny how good smelling this cologne is.

It is one of those signature fragrances that you know will still be there after years. The scent is very masculine with woody and spicy notes.

The over-all projection when you wear it on your skin is nice and the longevity of the cologne is also commendable.