Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Mens Watch 241552 Review

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In this post we’ll be seeing our review of the Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Mens Watch 241552.

Made in the US, Victorinox is dubbed to be one of the most popular watch brands in the market.

And a few years ago, the brand launched its Airbooss collection that featured sporty and mechanical timepieces at affordable timepieces.

Among one of these reasonably priced quartz-based watch is the Victorinox Swiss Army Watch 241552.

Pros & Cons Of The Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Mens Watch 241552


  • Made From Stainless Steel Which Makes This Watch Durable And Long Lasting So You Can Be Sure That You Can Wear It For A Long Time
  • It Showcases A Very Stylish Design With Silverstone Hands Black Guilloche Dial And Subdials Complement With Black Leather Strap Which Perfect Fits 7.5 To 8.5 Inch. Wrists.
  • You Find It Easy To Read The Time With How The Watch Is Designed And Built.
  • Very Comfortable To Wear And It Gives You Flexibility As You Can Wear It Anywhere You Go
  • Can Give You Reliable And Accurate Details Including Time And Date


  • There Are Lots To Love About This Watch But There Are Also Some Downsides That You May Not Like About It, Like, You May Want To Change The Strap Of The Watch.

Looking at the design and the built of this watch, it looks really promising.

If you are into mechanical watches and you are looking for a well-designed watch that wouldn’t hurt the pocket, this might just be the right for you.

It gives you that stylish and masculine design perfect for daily wear.

To help you decide, let’s take a closer look at its over-all design, materials used, product features and specifications.

Product Features and Specifications

There are various factors that come into play when you purchase a watch considering that every person has his own personal preferences and needs.

The suitability of this watch on your lifestyle lies on the features and specifications which include the following:

Sturdy and Classic Design: The moment you lay your eyes on Victorinox Swiss Army Watch 241552 you can already say that it exudes a classic style with its matte black finish.

The black cases are coated with PVD compared to other watches in the collection that uses polished steel.

The case and the case back are made from polished and brushed stainless steel that gives you a sturdy and well-built design.

It exudes great craftsmanship that does not compromise durability and over-all quality.

The watch is 42 mm wide and about 12mm in addition to its 100 meters of water resistance.

One of the things that you will like about its design is that it does not look too thick which suits your wrist well.

Based on the design itself, Victorinox falls under the mid to upper-ranged watches that have style and classic elements with its black strap and the dial.

It gives you that design and personality that is at the same unique and classical.

Dials and Subdials: Victorinoz uses black guilloche dial that adds beauty to this wonderful timepiece.

It comes with 2 small seconds placed at 6 o’clock position as well as a chronograph at 10 o’clock position. The hands make use of Silverstone which makes it easy for you to read the time.

Comfortable to Wear: Unlike other timepieces that look too thick, you can easily hide it under your sleeve.

It is very easy and comfortable to wear and it gives you just the right well-crafted stealthiness, a traditional tool that you can wear on a daily basis.

You can wear it even in long periods as it is gives you ease and comfort.

Attractive Symmetry and Legible Dial: A nicely and Swiss Army designed style font used for the hour markers, this watch is simply beautiful.

It gives you a conventional look that has additional new design elements in its 24 hour scale highlighting the sapphire crystal.

There is a flange ring sloped around the dial which further enhances the size of the dial.

And with its hour markers and the hands featuring luminant coating, there is a nice contrast set against the dark gray texture of the watch.

Flexibility: This Victorinox Watch makes use of black fabric strap which is very classic and adds personality.

But another thing to like about this timepiece is that the design is very flexible especially when you change the strap. It can go with your fashion style and different outfits.

You can easily change the strap when needed or when you want to.

Warranty Coverage: When you purchase the Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, you get to have 2 years warranty coverage.


For its price and not to mention that this is well-known brand, there are so many things to love about Victorinox Swiss Army Watch.

It is a classical timepiece that banks on the traditional elements giving you that conventional look but it is definitely a sturdy and well-designed watch that is perfectly suitable for first-time buyers.

If you happen to like mechanical watches and you are looking for a nice watch that is not too expensive but can give a decent design and features, you can never go wrong in choosing Victorinox Swiss Army Watch 241552.