What Is | How To Do Around The Worlds Exercise

Let’s take a look at what around the worlds exercise is and how you go about doing them.

Around the worlds exercise is an intermediate level of exercise that specifically targets the chest and it is considered to be a good shoulder exercise. It is also a good warmup exercise for when work out on your upper body.

Exercise Guide:

Step 1: With the palms of your hands facing upwards,lie down flat on a bench while you hold the dumbbells in each side. The position of your arms should be parallel to the ground. Slightly bend your elbows to prevent injury. This will also serve as your starting position.

Step 2: Move the dumbbells in a semi-circle position, moving away from the starting position and going towards the head. Make sure that you do this exercise with your arms parallel to the ground.

Step 3: Exhale as you go back to the starting position.

What Muscles Does Around The Worlds Work Out

In doing this exercise, it targets the lateral deltoids, posterior, and anterior since you do the exercise in a rotational movement. In particular, it targets your shoulder and obliques.

Having a good shoulder exercise has its benefit as you can decrease the chances of having joint injury. When you do this exercise, you also work on your oblique muscles.

What Equipment Is Needed To Do Around The Worlds

To do this exercise, you need to have a pair of dumbbells. Some may want to have variations. In which case,you can also use a weight plate.

You can use a bumper plate that is coated in rubber which makes it a safer in case of dropping.

Alternative Exercise Option For Around The Worlds

There are two alternative exercises for Around the World. The first one is the incline dumbbell flyes.

Exercise Guide

Step 1: Lie down on the bench and put a dumbbell on each hand with your palms facing each other.

Step 2: Use your thighs to raise the dumbbells. Lift it one at a time

Step 3: To avoid stress in your tendon, lower both of your arms until you feel that stretch on the chest.

Step 4: Squeeze your muscles (chest) and return to the starting position.

Should You Do Low Reps and Heavy Weight or High Reps and Light Weight with Around the Worlds?

For this exercise, many suggest to do it low reps and heavy weight to get the best results.

Can Men and Women Both Do Around The Worlds

Both men and women can do the around the world exercise. But for men, they may opt to have a heavier dumbbell.