Fat Loss Body Order: Where Do Men Lose Weight First

Most guys think when they start losing weight that it’s going to come off of the parts of there body where they hold the most body fat first. Unfortunately that isn’t the case for either male or female.

The general rule for mens weight loss is that areas furthest away from your core (stomach) shed the fat first.

Tip: A fitness program such as this one, is excellent cardio & help me shed a good bit of fat.

This means places like face, feet, legs, arms etc.. are where you’ll usually lose fat from first as a guy, notice if you’re a female reading this then it’s completely opposite say pay no attention to this order if you’re a female.

Here Is the most common order of where men lose weight on their bodies.

First – You’ll usually lose weight first from your legs (Quads, Hamstrings & Calfs), some notice loss from their hips as well.

Second – Next you should notice your jawline appear a little more defined as you should be losing weight from your face.

Third – You might notice that you can see your veins in your arms better because you’re usually shedding some fat off of your entire arms at this stage.

Fourth – Your upper back should be the next spot that fat should start coming off after those first three.

Fifth – Finally we may start to see some weight shed off of our stomach at this point.

Sixth – Here is where the love handles start to let go of their fat storage and these are the most stubborn to get rid of.

Now this isn’t a 100% a road map so don’t come back in a couple months, saying “Hey Sterling, you lied to me bro!”.

Genetics do play a good part of this but generally for most men this tends to be very close to what you can expect.

I realize that this isn’t what most of you want to hear, we want to lose that gut and love handles as soon as possible!

If you start to notice your stomach getting smaller right as you start eating better then this is usually just because it’s not as full as you usually have it rather than fat being removed it.

I just wanted to mention this because I’ve seen guys that have a good meal after a few weeks of eating clean and notice their stomach has gotten back to it’s original size.

After they notice this they think they have regained all the weight they’ve lost but that isn’t the case. It’s simply just your stomach being filled up back with food.

You Can Not Spot Reduce Fat

This is something most people do not understand they think that if you workout a specific area then that’s where you’ll lose fat first, this is simply not the case.

For example if you do 100 sit-ups this will not make you lose weight faster in your stomach any quicker than if you were to go for a run.

You will gain muscle in that area which may give the illusion or feel that you might be tightening up in that area which is true but don’t mistake that for fat being removed.

I just wanted to end this article with that information before any of you expected that this may be something that you could control.

Now this seems like a broad topic and most articles you read these days try to over complicate it to the point where you’re more confused after reading it than to begin with.
Most of the time this is because they want to sell you this new magic pill which “makes the fat just go poof”. There are very few items that actually burn fat like this and most are very dangerous and illegal.

What Do I Need To Do To Lose This Fat Weight

You lose fat by simply burning more calories than you take in that day.

Now of course I’m not just going to leave you with that and take off on you or that would be a bigger cliffhanger than watching the first lord of the rings movie end out of nowhere!

Ahem, sorry about that let me contain my nerd side for a bit.

Now back on point, everyone is different, from their metabolism to their activity level. This means a personal trainer saying consume 1800 calories a day and you’ll lose weight might work for person A but not for person B.

This is where fitness trackers work their magic. We can simply input our calories, activity level and age to name a few of the main things they ask into it. This will then provide us with an educated guess on what to aim for with our daily calorie intake.

Now notice I bolded educated guess because of course it isn’t going to be 100% accurate. They do however help us get a good ballpark range to be in and you have to start somewhere.
Now I’m not going to dive any further into fat loss in this article because I wanted to provide the most straight forward answer as possible to this topic.

I will however go into much greater detail about other topics related to fat loss that can help you like intermittent fasting and controlling midnight cravings to name a few. However these are things that just assist you with the overall way of burning more calories than you take in that day.