Whitney Simmons Net Worth | Workout Routine | Supplements

Inside this post, we’re going to go over the net worth, workout routine, diet, clothing apparel & what supplements Whitney Simmons uses.

Along with that we’re also going to talk about who she is for those who may have stumbled upon this article another way than searching for her.

What Workout Supplements Does Whitney Simmons Take

Who Is Whitney Simmons | Why Is She Famous

Whitney Simmons is fitness YouTuber, who has gained a major following of almost 800k subscribers at the time of writing this.

Most of her videos, focus around teaching others how to do which exercises to workout which muscle. Along, with that she focuses on cardio, nutrition & other  normal topics you would find in the fitness realm of things.

How Much Does Whitney Simmons Make From Her YouTube Channel Videos

It’s estimated that Whitney Simmons makes around 15k a month or around 190k a year just from her YouTube channel alone.

She also sells her own brand of merchandise through her website.

On top of that I’m guessing she has some sponsorship’s with some fitness companies (couldn’t find any exact info on this) its just an assumption that she would be.

Whitney Simmons Workout Routine For: Butt (Glutes) | Arms (Triceps & Biceps)| Back | Shoulders | Legs | Abs

Butt Workout

Arms Workout

Back Workout

Shoulders Workout

Abs Workout

Whitney Simmons Fitness Clothing Apparel

If you’re looking to buy Whitney Simmons brand fitness apparel such as shirts, tank tops & hats then head over to her website.

The End Is Near…

Whitney Simmons does a great job with a no bs approach to teaching others how to get in shape.

She seems like a really down to earth type of person from watching her videos & doesn’t seem like she has let her YouTube fame go to her head.

If you found any of the videos I linked up above useful then be sure to follow her channel. She usually puts out a new video there, at least once a week.

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