Best Woodburning Pyrography Pen Tool Kits To Buy 2020

Pyrography is one the most endearing hobbies around, and absolutely anyone can get into it. All you really need to get safely started is a woodburning pyrography tool kit.

And while it is true that you can perform woodburning with improvised pens and even heated wires, if you want to perform the art safely, we highly recommend that you get your own kit.

Here is our rundown of the best woodburning pyrography pent tool kits to buy.

TRUArt Stage 2 Dual Pen Professional Woodburning Detailer

The TRUArt Stage 2 kit is a steal considering you have the option of getting two pens, and you can also easily purchase a spare pen, spare tips, premium tips (this is a separate kit), or a smaller kit with just one pen if you feel that you don’t need a spare.

The 60-watt wood burner heats up almost instantly to deliver the most constant heat needed to create those beautiful markings on the surface of the wood.

The pens come with a digital voltage control hub that will allow the user to make minute changes to the intensity of the power, which affects the temperature of the woodburning pens.

The pens have also be redesigned to be as ergonomic as possible, which is important if your wrists hurt and you have trouble keeping your hands steady for prolonged periods of time.

The advantage of buying the kit with two pens is you can load two different tips and switch between the pens whenever you need to.

TRUArt Stage 2 boasts of fast heating and fast cool down, two of the things that you truly need to get ahead in your newfound hobby.

TRUArt Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen Set

For absolute beginners who are not yet fully committed to the hobby just yet, they have the option of purchasing “stage 1” from TRUArt, which is marketed as both a wood and leather pyrography woodburning kit.

This essential set has a lightweight woodburning pen with an ergonomic grip, a total of 35 different pent tips, and an e-guide that you can reference if you have never used a pyrography woodburning kit before. There are two main advantages when you choose this kit.

The first one is that the pen is not too powerful – it is just right at 30 watts, so it’s not too hot, and the chances of you overdoing your work with too much heat is reduced greatly.

Second, because the heat is not too much, you can use the pen to draw on leather, too, with a reduced risk of burning through the leather.

The second advantage is the number of tips that come with the kit. In woodburning pyrography, the thickness and general look of the stroke is influenced by the tip you are using.

Imagine having a fountain pen with different tips and you see what we mean. Grab this kit if you are just starting out, and you will be able to spring into pyrography with barely a learning curve.

Fuyit LCD Woodburning Kit

The Fuyit LCD Woodburning Kit is extremely portable and guess what – it has a total of 42 different pyrography pen tips to choose from!

The pyrography pen itself is equipped with a digital temperature control function connected to an actual LCD display that shows the numerical temperature of the pen.

Compared to an analog pen that just has a simple dial to increase voltage to increase the temperature, the Fuyit kit is more accurate because you will actually know what temperature the pen is at the moment.

The tip of the Fuyit pen also has six ventilation holes that allows the pen to cool quickly when you cut the power.

This is important because pyrographers tend to change tips frequently because the thickness of the stroke has a huge impact on the final output.

We also like the fact that Fuyit pens can be repaired – once the heating core is used up, you can remove the spent core and add a new one to keep using the same pen.

Unless the pen is cracked in half, it’s going to provide the same level of service as before since it is operating with a new heating core.

Tekchic Wood Burning Kit

Tekchic earns a spot in our coveted list because of its high-wattage wood burner (60 watts) and for having its own high quality pen stands that make pyrography safer for the user.

The detailer pen has been cut down to be as light as possible while being sturdy enough for prolonged use. The downside is it only has 20 tips in the kit, but if you are looking for durability, we recommend these higher end kits.

Not saying that the other kits will break easily, but we know that some of the pyrography kits are made to be heavy duty because they are meant for professional use.

Each kit comes with a woodburning machine, two lightweight pens, two woodburning stands, two sponges, and 20 woodburning tips.

The pens are also equipped with digital temperature control, so you don’t have to power down every time to cool off the metal if it’s getting too hot – just use the in-pen control to reduce or increase the temperature of the tip as needed.

Walnut Hollow 41992 Creative Woodburner Wire Tip Wood Burning Tool

Walnut Hollow is a well-known brand in pyrography and it is known in the community for producing sturdy woodburning machines and easy to use pens that are gentle on the hands.

The 41992 kit comes with a woodburning machine, pyrography pen, and the following tips: drawing point, universal shading point, ball point, and rounded shading point.

According to the company, the 41992 woodburning machine can go from 600°F to approximately 1000°F in a snap. Comes with a simple pen stand to keep the hot metal parts away from your skin when the pen is not in use.