Types Of Equipment You Can Use For Home Workouts

Instead of all the expensive equipment, we’re focusing on some of the cheaper yet essential items that you can use to enhance your workout while at home.

Having a regular exercise is a must not just to develop a stronger and physically body but as well as to stay healthy.

Most people don’t have enough time to go out and engage in the physical activity or even go to the gym to have the regular exercise.

But there are actually ways where you can still achieve your health and fitness goals even if you are at home.

Exercising at home is convenient and at the same time you can also save costs. There is no need for you to pay for membership fees in gym.

By using the following equipment, you can further enhance your home exercise routines.

Disclaimer: Make sure to consult with your Doctor before undertaking any new fitness routine. Also please do proper research on how to do any exercises mentioned here.

Medicine Ball

One of the best home equipment that you can use during your exercise routine is a medicine ball.

Many don’t know why it was named like that what is definitely a very good tool you can use for a bodyweight exercises.

You can use a medicine ball when you do your workouts like leg lifts and the Russian Twists. It to have a more challenging exercise routine, you can use medicine bald play with varying push-ups.

There are exercises that you can use with a medicine ball includes rock and roll up, lunch with overhead press, launched with twist, reverse swing, single leg squat, single leg hip bridge and a whole lot more.

Pull up bar

For many fitness experts, having a pull up bar is one of the most useful workout equipment that you can have at home.

When you have one, you can basically do the usual pull up. This type of exercise is good for the upper body as it works on your back muscles. Having this type of exercise can significantly improve your body form.

Depending on your preference there are different variations that you can do by using a pull up.

These include jumping pull-ups, flex hangs, and a whole lot more.

Other exercises you can do when you have a pull-up bar at home is that you can do burpee pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging knee raises, hanging leg raises, and muscle ups.

With only this particular exercise equipment, you can already do different variations and sets to achieve your fitness goals.

Push-Up Bar

If you have a pull-up bar, then a good addition would be a push-up bar.

With a push-up bar, you can do dips where it specifically works on your triceps muscles and straighten your arm as you do the exercise.

Another exercise that you can do with this equipment is plank which is a good way to work on your abdominal strength and to further improve core stability.

Other kind of exercises that you can do with this equipment is seated press-up which helps you to strengthen the muscles in your shoulder blades and push-up plus as well as decline push-up.

You just have to take some precautions whenever you use this equipment.

Resistance Bands

What’s great with resistance bands is you can basically use it anywhere and have your exercise. They are very portable and you can perfectly use it even at home.

There are different kinds of resistance bands that you may want to buy which include therapy bands, loop bands, and tube hands that have handles.

This might look simple but there are actually different kinds of exercises that you can do.

First is you can use it for front squat. Another exercise where you can use resistance bands is leg curl.

Other exercises that you can do with it include: glute bridge, standing adductor, seated abduction, and standing abduction among many others.

From back to chest exercises, these resistance bands are sure great add-ons.

Exercise Ball

Almost everyone who does exercise at home should grab a exercise ball. With this equipment, you can have a wide range of exercise moves and routines that will work various parts of your body from your chest, core, legs, thighs, etc.

With an exercise ball, you can do the following exercise: overhead ball squat, wall squat, standing ball squeeze, hamstring curl, squat and reach, ball lunge, etc.

This is also a good equipment that you can use for upper body exercises, core and leg exercises.

Ab Roller

Even when you are exercising at home, you can still do a complete core training especially if you have an ab roller. This is fa by one of the best fitness equipment that can strengthen and at the same time tone your abs.

Not only is it cheap, it is also very easy to use and to store. For effective abdominal workouts, having ab wheel or ab roller is definitely a must have in your home workout equipment.

It is very efficient and you will be amazed with the results when you have regular exercises using this equipment.

Just follow the instructions on how to use it and watch videos on how fitness experts do the exercise.

Final Thoughts

Being fit requires commitment and time. Even if you are so busy with your hectic schedule, you can always find a way to allot some of your time to have regular exercise.

Even if you’re not going to the gym, you can still have your exercise routines at home.

By investing in any of the exercise equipment mentioned, it can help with changing up your workout routine by adding something as small as one of these items into it.