Will World of Warcraft AKA WoW Ever Be Made For Console

Every year the question gets asked if world of warcraft otherwise known as wow will ever be made for console & I say it’s my turn to bring it back up for discussion.

First off to get where I’m coming from in this article, I started playing WoW when it was still in vanilla.

Before that the only mmo I ever played was EQOA which was the PlayStation version of Everquest.

Let’s catch you up to where any mention of wow coming to console gaming has been answered.

“World of Warcraft is designed, first and foremost, for PC,” Blizzard’s Chadd Nervig told Stevivor last week. “That’s what we think of when we play WoW, when we think of WoW and where WoW‘s going.

“We don’t have any plans right now to bring it to console but we’re always considering options,” Nervig, Technical Game Designer, continued. “So no promises for the future one way or another; we’ve nothing to announce for that.”

Ok I know that doesn’t look promising but let’s walk n talk here.

First off, look at how popular the wow private servers are, these are usually the vanilla or other older versions of wow servers.

Are they popular because their free or is it because players want to enjoy the older versions of wow again or for the first time.

Now, let’s look at the actual real version of World of Warcraft & see where the patches seem to keep heading.

It’s all about bringing older raids or bosses back into the current story line, this is because they know a majority of wow players enjoy the lore & want to see these characters of the game again.

My Argument That WOW Will Come To Consoles

You probably see where I am going with this from what I’ve mentioned above.

Players (including myself) would love to start fresh, in a brand new wow world (not starting an alt) I mean starting with the original story again.

It’s hard to do this on PC because well the game has already developed there.

When it comes to console it can be a brand new type of game so to speak.

Like how EQOA was not an exact make of the PC EverQuest.

They didn’t just import the game & say ok now its PC EQ with controllers, have at it.

There were different quests, the land was different, the cities were exactly the same.

All of this could be a great way to recapture all of those wow players who are wanting to relive the glory days & capture a segment of non pc gaming mmo players.

Most of the talk of bringing wow to console has been simply just porting the same exact game to console.

This is the wrong way to go about it because not everyone will want to lose their level 100 character they’ve worked so hard for or whatever level their up to now.

Keep the same story, change up some stuff, heck maybe even make it where you level up by grinding mobs in a group instead of questing.

The End

I talk about this like I have some inside source but unfortunately I don’t

I wanted to write this because I really think this could be a great way to be a ‘reset’ button to pull back in millions of players who miss the old school feel or just want to get a fresh start with the story.

This would also open up its potential player base amongst millions more gamers who don’t do PC gaming.

WoW is to awesome of a game to not at least give it a shot in my opinion.

With the small chance that anyone at Blizzard actually reads this, I hope there is some consideration to make this happen.