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Let’s look at our review of YK-11, a type of SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator), meaning it helps express genes in the body that help produce lean muscle mass and better bone density.

Generally speaking, all SARMs known to the fitness industry and beyond are known for producing effects similar to the male hormone testosterone and its synthetic derivatives.

Disclaimer: We are not recommending taking this product, yet simply reviewing the product based on our research. YK-11 is sold for research purposes only & is not approved for human use or consumption! Please do your own research before making any decisions related to YK-11.

Where To Buy YK-11 SARM

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Current research status

YK-11 is one SARM that is currently being researched in Japan, and is widely acknowledged as the most potent synthetic SARM of them all. What makes YK-11 notable is that it not only performs the common tasks of SARMs but it also acts as a modulator of myostatin.

A Toho University study has revealed the following with regards to the mechanisms of action of YK-11. Initially, YK-11 simply attaches to muscle receptors, causing an increase in the growth of lean muscle mass, while being selective with the said activation.

This selectivity is very important as it distinguishes SARMs from more traditional substances used to address weak bones and muscle wastage.

Compounds such as testosterone have been known to cause abnormal growths in organs such as the liver and testicles. In some of these cases, the abnormal growths become cancerous, which greatly minimizes any health benefits derived from the hormone replacement therapy.

In the said Toho University study, human muscle cells generated more anabolic factors when exposed to just 500 nmol of the experimental compound YK-11.

The role of follistatin in healing the body

What does this mean? When muscle tissues are exposed to this compound, cells produce follistatin in higher serum concentrations. Follistatin, or activin-binding protein is encoded by the FST gene and has been noted as a therapeutic agent for various muscle diseases that involve wasting, degeneration or general muscle loss. Follistatin is naturally expressed in the musculoskeletal system of all adult humans and mammals, in general.

Due to the high potency of YK-11 there is still a debate as to whether it truly is a SARM or a steroid. However, its structure points to the former – it is indeed a SARM, just an extremely potent one that it is able to approximate the full effects of a conventional anabolic steroid minus the known, harmful side effects.

YK-11 Testosterone Levels

One other interesting aspect of this compound is that it appears to compete directly with naturally-occurring testosterone and other similar compounds that are administered for therapy.

YK-11 has been shown to compete for the androgen receptors that commonly have high affinity with naturally occurring testosterone.

Existing literature sheds light on how patients with muscle-wasting issues can still benefit from this compound, sans the competition issues it has with naturally-occurring testosterone.

YK-11 can be experimentally indicated if the person has been diagnosed as having low DHT or low testosterone levels.

An endocrinologist will be able to confirm the state of these two compounds in your bloodstream with a series of tests.

If you have either low DHT/low testosterone, then saturation will become less of an issue, and the administration of YK-11 will produce lower anti-androgenic effects, which is something that we don’t want as naturally-occurring testosterone still helps in regulating physiological processes.

Medical benefits of YK-11

In professional fitness, patients who have undergone therapy with YK-11 have reported the following effects:

YK-11 Muscular Strength and Endurance

Increase in muscle strength and endurance. This aspect of YK-11’s action is extremely important for individuals who are engaged in professional fitness or competitive sports.

Normally, muscular endurance reaches its peak quickly, unless a person trains extremely and also has a hard-edged routine when it comes to nutrition.

YK-11 does not remove the necessity of good nutrition, but it does help professional athletes overcome endurance or strength ceilings at relatively low doses.

If YK-11 is administered to counteract the effects of low testosterone in the body, moderate muscle gains can be observed, secondary to a palpable increase in muscle strength.

From the purview of someone who is suffering from degenerative muscle disease, this is good news as well, as one of the complementary therapies for muscle wasting is increased physical activity, within the bounds of what is safe and doable for the patient who has weak muscles and most likely, lower bone density.

Is YK-11 Safe For Women

There have also been reports of female athletes utilizing SARMs such as YK-11 to help improve their strength and muscle development.

In addition to observable anabolic effects, one of the more important reasons why professional female athletes are turning to compounds like SARMs is they wish to avoid the harsh after-effect of male hormones that that attacks the female reproductive system.

There are countless instances of female athletes developing ovarian cysts and other related conditions after prolonged exposure to anabolic steroids.

This is certainly a point of contention in the professional sports industry today. If conventional therapies that involve synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone have such adverse side effects, why is there no move to turn completely to SARMs?

The answer lies in the current legal status of SARMs. As these experimental compounds are relatively new, they have yet to be given the thumbs up by the United States FDA for mass consumption. These compounds, at least for now, are being acquired mainly for scientific research, as they have so much potential in helping treat chronic, degenerative diseases like cancer. Yes, SARMs can help individuals with cancer!

YK-11 Theoretical Dosing

The recommended dosing for this compound for healthy adults, is six milligrams per ‘cycle,’ assuming that the SARM is taken to address low DHT/testosterone problems.

The structure of this SARM hints at possible hepatoxicity at higher dosages, so this is something that patients have to discuss thoroughly with their doctors before engaging in any therapy that includes YK-11.

Also, the initial testing for YK-11 was done in-vitro and there is currently no extensive data available for its effects on animal tissue over long periods of time.

With this in mind, low dosing for short periods sounds like a sensible plan of action.

But on the other hand, SARMs don’t really cause ‘collateral damage’ in the body as they are selective with tissues they affect, so this is something to think about if a patient has the choice between a potent SARM that mimics testosterone and actual synthetic testosterone.

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