Youtube Vs Twitch For Making Money Playing Video Games

Right now you have two main platform options that will allow you to make the most money while playing video games and that is Twitch Vs Youtube. Well, if you’re trying to figure out which is a better pick for you to spend most of your time trying to be successful on then I’ll be covering the differences between the two here in this article for you.

Pros And Cons Of Youtube Gaming

The best thing about making money through YouTube would be that it can actually be a passive income model once you put in enough time up front. As an example of what I mean by that is; let’s say you launch a cool video in June, well that video can continue to make you money even 10 months from then if people keep finding that video.

Now I don’t want you to read that and think you’re gonna go record 100 videos one weekend, upload them and expect to go sit on a beach while the checks just continue to roll in. The bar on YouTube videos has definitely been raised over the years and you definitely need something that separates you from the other thousands of people uploading their WOW arena videos.

You either need to be funny, skilled enough for people to expect to learn something from watching you or just be a super chill person who people will enjoy watching.

Obviously there is no one size fits all but you need some sort of niche in my opinion, whether that be a certain game or just your ‘entertainment’ style on why viewers would want to watch you over Joe blow. Also, learning some editing skills for videos is also another plus.

Pros And Cons Of Twitch Gaming

Twitch is the polar opposite of Youtube in the way it gains its viewers. Twitch tends to pull a majority of the live streaming viewer crowd, at least for now.

There has been some attempt by both Youtube & Twitch to go after it’s rivals main base by Youtube trying for the live streaming and vice versa for Twitch but not a huge shift from either base.

Now the coolest thing about Twitch is a low barrier to entry, no editing videos, just getting your setup going and start streaming away.

Another main benefit that Twitch has going for it is how well donations work there from it being a live event, where the streamer can actually thank the people donating live, which makes them so much more likely to give thanks right then and there.

Why Not Do Both?

I can see where a lot of people would be like, “Just do both and make more monies!”. While this is a solid idea, it usually takes a good bit of time doing just one of them.

If you happen to have some time on your hands, have a buddy who could edit videos for you or maybe have some money available to where you can pay someone to edit your videos then it could work.

My suggestion would be to focus on one until you’ve got it bringing in some money for you then reinvest it by maybe expanding to the other platform your not using.

Play To Your Strengths

I’ve seen so many good gamers out there who in general have a great stream but they literally hate having to talk to people in chat and answer questions.

Some people aren’t very social and with Twitch it tends to help out a lot if you do socialize with your chat, and that’s actually high up on my importance scale on having a successful stream.

This is just an example of what I mean though by play to your strengths. I’ll end this article here for now but I’ll continue to update this article as I think of more tips/thoughts for it.