Best Standing Desks Under $1000 For 2020

Today’s power lineup is going to focus on desk converters and standing desks that are going to withstand the test of time.

Many of these desks are motorized, which means you are going to be exerting zero effort in raising and lowering your workspace.

Are you ready to meet the best of the best of standing desk world? We are excited to give you the best standing desks under $1,000.

Seville Classics Airlift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk

If you have been watching the Seville line for some time now, you would know that this particular manufacturer always goes out of its way to offer something that other brands simply don’t have in terms of design and features.

This Airlift model goes way beyond our expectations for a full sized standing desk. It has an ultra beautiful and modern tempered, white glass top, which has a beveled edge, which creates a truly beautiful work surface for anyone.

The Airlift desk is equipped with two powerful motors that support the thick steel legs of the desk. The lowest setting is 29” and you can increase the height of the table top to a maximum of 47”. The steel frame is grey-finished and can support a whopping 160 pounds of resistance.

This is at least double the usual weight capacity of tables in this class, which really makes this Seville Airlift model a cut above the rest.

In addition to the large space, heavy duty legs, and ergonomic design, the table also comes with dual USB charging ports (USB-A) which allows you charge your mobile devices from the table itself (no need for an extended adaptor).

Each USB-A charging port provides 2.4 A of power each, and is perfect for higher end devices like Apple iPhones and iPads.

As for the control of the height of the table, there is also a touch screen height controller that is equipped with three, touch-sensitive memory buttons and an LED height display mechanism to complete the look and feel of the desk.

SONGMICS Gas-Spring Sit-Stand Workstation

The SONGMICS Gas-Spring Sit-Stand Workstation is finished in natural grain, and is a full sized desk for gamers and those working in their offices/home offices.

The manufacturer designed this table for health and wellness, as its very simple design allows users to sit or stand whenever they like while working.

Switching your position while working will help relieve stress along the usual tension points along the body, such as the upper back, lower back, shoulders, and even the chest.

This desk comes with a pneumatic lifting mechanism (gas-spring powered) which makes it easy to raise or lower the main workspace from its minimum height of 28.3” to 44.1”.

The main workspace measures 47.2” x 23.6”, which is larger than your average desk converter for dual monitors.

This is an ideal study desk because of its streamlined design and easy operation. The capacity of the desk for all static loads is a total of 110 pounds.

The sturdy frame is coated with rust-resistant paint and its minimalistic color scheme makes it easy for this table to blend in with any décor or room aesthetic.

VIVO Black Height Adjustable stand up Desk Frame with Crank System

VIVO has been manufacturing multiple desk converters and standing desks for years now, and this sit and stand combo design is amazing for people who are looking for a lightweight and fast solution to their workspaces.

You can easily go from sitting to standing in a matter of moments with this table, and if you don’t want to spend more than the average, grab this desk because it’s been equipped with a crank system that’s light on the effort but big on the results.

This is one of the largest tables so far in our line up with a generous work surface measuring 63.1” x 31.5”, which provides room for a wide variety and number of items from large displays to computer or gaming accessories.

The table is supported by a solid steel frame that can easily carry up to 132 pounds of static force.

The entire frame is built for stability, so you shouldn’t worry about any wobbling whenever you raise or lower the desk.

FLEXISPOT Electric Stand Up Desk

FLEXISPOT has been consistent in innovating its own line of electric desks and manual desk converters, and we can say that their iteration of the modern electric desk is a beautiful sight.

We especially love the fact that the table looks very modern with its shiny white finish, which makes it perfect for most office settings.

The spacious work area measures 48” x 30” and has been manufactured with the environment in mind. There is sufficient space for different kinds of displays and gadgets, and feel free to throw in your usual office trinkets and supplies – the table can handle them all.

The way we visualize it, you can add up to two large displays and then your keyboard and mouse combo with lots of space to spare. That’s how big this table is, considering the fact that it’s an electric table.

You can easily transition to this table painlessly without sacrificing any of your stuff from your old table.

The table comes with its own motor lift mechanism that offers the smoothest possible adjustments from the base height of 28” to the highest possible adjustment of 47.6”.

The table is also low-noise, clocking sound at less than 50 dB. FLEXISPOT has manufactured this desk with industrial-grade steel, and the surface and frame can handle static loads up to 154 pounds.

If you’re worried about operating such a modern desk, don’t worry because FLEXISPOT has added a seven-button controller interface that can store up to three programmable presets, so you can change the height of the table at will.

Switching from standing to sitting and vice versa has never been this easy. The manufacturer also currently offers a limited two-year warranty for the controller, switch, and other electric/electronic components of the table itself.