How To Stop Hands From Sweating When Playing Video Games

There are a few different options on how you can go about stopping your hands from sweating while playing videos games.

Unfortunately all of these options require buying something but it’s worth it in my opinion, especially if you’re on the more competitive side of gaming like pvp or raiding games.

Let’s take a look at our options, starting with my favorite.

GamerGrip (Our Top Choice)

GamerGrip is a liquid solution that keeps your hands dry for many hours after you put it on.

This product has had rave reviews about it since it came out, with a lot of those reviews coming from eSport level players, along with popular YouTube/Twitch gamers.

It’s a very easy to use product that does exactly what it say’s it intends to do.

Simply apply some in your hands, rub your hands together until the liquid is dissolved (is that the right word?) into your hands.

After that you should be good to go for hours.

Here are the pro’s and con’s of using GamerGrip in my opinion.


  • Doesn’t Take Much For It To Work
  • Long Lasting (3-4 Hours For Me)
  • Doesn’t Stain Clothes Or Leave Any Residue On Your Controller (Huge Win Here)
  • Non-Sticky, Non-Toxic, Fresh Scent, FDA Approved Ingredients


  • It Runs Out Eventually (Duh)

That’s all I got for the pros & cons.

One thing I did wanted to mention is even though it says non-toxic & FDA approved ingredients, still be sure to check the ingredients yourself before using because I haven’t a clue who you are & what you may be allergic to.

Air-Flow Video Game Controller

Yes, this is a real thing.

These types of controllers work my having small fans in the handle of the grip parts of the controller to keep air blowing to your hands.

Simple enough right? Air keeps hands cool = less sweat!

There are multiple types of brand options for these so I won’t go over any specific one but I will give my pros & cons of using a air-flow controller in general.


  • Can (Potentially) Be a One Time Purchase
  • Can Control The Fan Speed Settings (Some Can Do This)
  • This Doesn’t Stain Your Clothes Either!


  • Fan Noise Might Get Annoying
  • May Not Be Enough To Keep Hands From Getting Sweaty
  • Potential For The Fans To Stop Working
  • Not Enough Options For Brands/Styles

Using one of these might be perfect for your hands but for others it may not work enough.

With that comes the option for turning up the fan but then that comes more noise, even if it’s a faint sounding noise it can still get annoying after awhile.

I’d rather not having air blowing on my hands when gaming if I can avoid it.

Wearing Gloves

Wait! Just hear me out with this.

I’m not say go grab your moms gardening gloves here but there are some cool gloves that might work for you to play video games in.

Also, yes wearing gloves might make your hands warmer which may cause them to sweat more, but the main goal goal here is not let our hands get sweaty where they affect our game play.

I’m not aware of any real brands specifically making these gloves for gaming, except for one called GamerGloves.

These are specifically made for gamers (no duh) to help have a better grip on the controller.

The inner part of the hand has rubberized material on it spread out through the glove.

Also the glove is made of a thin type material, so yea you’re not wearing winter mittens here.

Here’s my pros & cons of using gloves when playing videos games, more specifically about the actual glove we were discussing.


  • Can Be A One Time Buy (Potentially)
  • Keeps Sweat From Getting To The Controller
  • Grip Support Across The Entire Inner Hand
  • Isometric Rubber Grip Fingertips For Preventing Joystick Slipping.


  • Wearing Gloves Every Time You Want To Play A Game
  • Having To Keep Up With Them
  • No Venting Method On The Gloves
  • Wish There Was Different Types of Pam Rubberized Layouts To Choose From

The cons pretty much go with any gloves but a few things I would like to see in these gloves in a future model/version.

Add some sort of venting method to the gloves, even though it’s thin material, it’s still another layer of material over your hands which is gonna make them warmer.

Even though the layout they have works, I would like to see some different styles to choose from.

One that has a more enhanced wrist support would be a good idea, as I know I get wrist issues when PC gaming.

Overall though, using gloves, may not fix your hands sweating problem but it can help eliminate the problems that it causes in regards to playing video games.

Now that we’ve gone over some options for helping with sweaty hands, I want to talk about why are hands even get sweaty when playing video games.

Why Do Hands Sweat When Playing Video Games

This is my theory, so I’m not a medical doctor or any of that non sense.

So check this out, you’re the last man alive on your team in a ranked match in Call of Duty or you’re about to down a raid boss for the first time in WoW.

For a lot of people, this causes an elevated heart rate, adrenaline pumping as we’re running to keep our little pixelated character out of the line of fire.

This gets intense & our body acts on it just as it would if we we’re running for our lives in real life.

Our brain doesn’t just say “It’s pixels on a screen, chill out bro”.

We get so caught up in the game, that our body reacts like it would in a fight or how it would if we were actually fighting a dragon (no, not pissing your pants) but activating the fight or flight response in our bodies.

I think a lot of this has to do with how realistic video games have become.

I say this because, I honestly can’t remember if my hands got sweaty when I was playing mario on my N64 growing up.

Maybe I just couldn’t tell because all of the Cheetos all over my hands, who knows.

So this is my theory, got a different one? Then let’s hear it.

Let me know what you think causes hands to become sweaty when gaming in the comments below.