Best Smelling Versace Mens Cologne Fragrances For 2019

In this article we’ll be looking at the top Versace colognes, focusing on these fragrances: Versace Pour Homme Vs Versace Man Eau Fraiche Vs Versace Eros Vs Versace Dreamer Vs Versace L’Homme.

Over the years, Versace has released some of the best fragrances that you can ever find and we’ll be taking a look at some of their best ones here in this article.

Versace Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray

The Versace Pour Homme was released in 2008 and was created by Alberto Morillas. This cologne is marketed as an aromatic fragrance that gives you a modern take on the classic fougere type of scent.

It is very masculine and sophisticated which makes it a great scent to wear in almost any occasion. The top notes used in this fragrance include petit grain, bergamot, neroli and citruses followed by its middle notes that use geranium, cedar, clary sage and hyacinth.

The base notes used are amber, musk and tonka bean. With the combination of the following ingredients, you have a cologne that is clean, sexy and very charismatic. It is suitable daytime wear that will surely complete your over-all look.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche

Olivier Cresp created the Versace Man Eau Fraiche that was released in 2006.

This cologne is slightly different from other scents as it gives you a fresh and aquatic scent that is very masculine, clean and sophisticated.

The tobacco notes add an oriental side to this cologne.

When the fragrance opens up, you can smell the notes of lemon, bergamot, rosewood and rose followed by a burst of cedar, tarragon, sage and pepper.

The combination of citrus, floral and spicy notes give this cologne a very distinct scent. Afterwards, you can smell hints of musk, amber and saffron. The harmonious blends of the following notes give life to a cologne that has the right blend.

The Versace Man Eau Fraiche might have a sweet scent but it is also very manly, a perfectly balanced scent that gives you the confidence you need wherever you go.

Dreamer Versace for Men

The Dreamer Versace is considered to be one of the top favorite Versace fragrances that was released in 1995.

What makes the Dreamer Versace different from the other fragrances is that it has a romantic soul. The cologne gives you an oriental, sharp and woody scent that brings out not just your masculine but also your romantic side.

Top notes for this fragrance make use of clary sage, lavender and mandarin. The very heart of this scent uses rose, geranium and tobacco followed by its base notes that use cedar and tonka beans.

The blending of all of the ingredients result to a woody, warm and manly scent that is suitable even for daytime wear.

When it comes to longevity, the Dreamer Versace is very long lasting and can last for many hours.

Versace Eros

The Versace Eros is conceptualized following the elegance, timelessness and immortality of the Greek gods and goddesses. It is created by Aurelien Guichard with the cologne named after the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

What you will like about Versace Eros is that it is a true embodiment of characteristics that every man wants to possess- audacity, courage and elegance.

It may be marketed as a fragrance that has a classic touch but this scent is created for the modern men. It has this sexy and sensual appeal, the type of scent that you can wear anywhere you go.

It is daring and alluring which will surely draw compliments when you wear the scent. When you wear the fragrance, it gives you that extraordinary confidence that tells you of how the Greek gods and goddesses had lived.

Versace L’ Homme For Men

The Versace L’ Homme was created in 1986. A classic fragrance, this cologne is marketed as a classic fragrance that exudes woody, spicy and warm fragrance that is suitable for casual and business wear.

Top notes used for this fragrance include pimento, petit grain, bergamot, lemon zest, green notes and basil that give you that combination of spicy and citrus notes followed by the very heart of this fragrance that uses patchouli, rose, sandalwood, carnation, cedar wood, jasmine and cinnamon.

For the base notes, it is followed by trails of amber,musk, oakmoss, tonka bean, vanilla and rich leather. The Versace L’ Homme is a very rich and aromatic fragrance that can last long even with just a few sprays.

The combination of the ingredients gives you a classic scent that will never get old simply because it gives you a really nice and appealing scent suitable for various occasions.

About the Brand

Found in 1978 in Milan, Italy by Gianni Versace, the brand is one of the most reputable international design houses and is considered to be the most sought-after luxury brands all over the world.

Versace is known in designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of products from retail fashion to lifestyle products. By 1981, Versace released its very first fragrance, the Gianni Versace for women.

By working with the cologne connoisseurs in the industry like Aurelien Guichard,Francoise Caron, Antioine Lie, Olivier Cresp, Lucien Piquet among many others, the brand was able to come up with some of the amazing fragrances for both men and women.


In the world of signature fragrances, you will always hear the brand Versace. For many years, this luxury brand has been at the top not just in fashion industry but even in signature fragrances.

In fact, even Hollywood celebrities and other highly affluent and prominent people are a fan of the brand. And this isn’t just all about popularity and marketing.

When you try their scents, you will see for yourself the creativity, talent and skills of people behind the fragrances that they released in the market.

Their fragrances make use of top of the line, premium and distinct ingredients giving your rich, distinct, elegant and a very appealing scent that stands out in a crowd.